ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2010 | Contents of Volume 17, Number 4:

Ambrozik, A.; ...Heat release of diesel engine fuelled with RMEHeat release of diesel engine fuelled with RMEFull text
Barnat, W.; ...Investigation of a panel with an elastomer layer plus carbon fibres loaded with a blast waveFull text
Barnat, W.; ...Analysis of a light caterpillar vehicle loaded with blast wave from detonated IEDFull text
Barnat, W.; ...Analysis of a protective composite panel with energy adsorbent in the form of foamed aluminiumFull text
Barnat, W.; ...Numerical investigation of the influence of a rigid obstacle on the multiple reflected pressure impulseFull text
Bojar, P.; ...Algorithm of the influence of the road transport system on its operational safetyFull text
Borkowski, W.; ...Numerical simulation of the standard TB11 and TB32 tests for a concrete safety barrierFull text
Budzik, G.; ...Design of polymer gears for auxiliary power transmission systems of automotive vehiclesFull text
Burtscher, H.; ...Improvement of air quality in vehicle cabins by nanoparticle filtrationFull text
Charchalis, A.; ...Estimation of main engine power of seagoing ship at preliminary design stageFull text
Charchalis, A.Resistance of idle propellers in marine multi-propeller propulsion systemsFull text
Cicholska, M.Suitability analysis of thermally hardened S620Q steel sheets used for welded constructions working in lowered temperaturesFull text
Cupiał, K.; ...The stress analysis of high loaded diesel engine pistonFull text
Czarnecki, M.; ...Preliminary research of microgasturbine injection ringFull text
Ćwikowski, P.; ...Comparison of breakup models in simulation of spray development in direct injection SI engineFull text
Dudzik, K.; ...Influence of the notch for mechanical properties of 7020 aluminium alloy jointed by FSWFull text
Dudzik, K.; ...Influence of joining method for hardness distribution in joints of AlZnSMg1 alloyFull text
Dudzik, K.; ...Stress corrosion cracking of 7020 aluminium alloy jointed by different welding methodsFull text
Filipczyk, J.; ...The influence of the vehicle age on the calculated probability of exceeding the standardised exhaust emissionFull text
Frankowski, J.Motion of the long-haul articulated truck assembly with all wheels steered on the road curveFull text
Galor, W.An affecting on the port bottom by ship's water jet during berthing manoeuvreFull text
Gustof, P.The influence of the engine load on the value and temperature distribution in dry cylinder sleeveFull text
Herdzik, J.Application possibilities of electric driven propulsion of multi-mode shipsFull text
Hlavńa, V.; ...Flow modeling in a jet engineFull text
Iskra, A.; ...The oil film parameters of the wankel engine apex seal in aspects of durability of mating elementsFull text
Janicka, A. B.; ...The impact of car vehicle class on volatile organic compounds (VOC's) concentration in microatmosphere of car cabinFull text
Kałużny, J.; ...Problems connected with the construction and the functioning of the prototype oxidising catalytic converter with the washcoat replaced by the spatial structure of carbon nanotubesFull text
Kamiński, P.Operating tasks scheduling system in engine room - mathematical foundationsFull text
Klasztorny, M.; ...Experimental investigations of the protective shield - protected plate - test stand system under blast shock waveFull text
Krasoń, W.; ...The research on the double spring effort in braking processFull text
Krata, P.; ...3D CDF modeling of ship's heeling moment due to liquid sloshing in tanks - a case studyFull text
Kruczyński, S. W.; ...Analysis of the engine run conditions for the waste collection vehicle and a concept of fuelling it with biogas and biomethaneFull text
Krupa, M.; ...Influence of a road surface on a motorcycle braking processFull text
Labuda, W.; ...Estimation of the influence of burnishing process on steel X5CRNIL810 internal stressesFull text
Landowski, B.Simulation model of the means of transport maintenance processFull text
Lazarczyk, M.; ...Combustor liner cooling methods - numerical simulationFull text
Leżański, T.; ...Some problems of combustion system operation with semi-open combustion chamber for spark ignition engineFull text
Lisowski, M.Simulation analysis of the effect of inlet pipe diameter on the cylinder filling of compression-ignition engineFull text
Martinez-Martinez, S.CFD analysis of the effect of the exhaust manifold design on the close-coupled catalytic converter performanceFull text
Mayer, A.; ...Vert particle filter test procedure and quality standard for new and in-use diesel enginesFull text
Merola, S. S.; ...Optical diagnostics in a spark ignition engine for two-wheel vehiclesFull text
Miksiewicz, K.; ...Comparison of characteristics of spark pług engines FSI, TSI/TFSI type of Volkswagen CompanyFull text
Mironiuk, W.Comparative analysis of the flooding time main engine ship type 888 defined from calculations and model researchFull text
Muślewski, Ł.Study and assessment of transport system operation efficiencyFull text
Napadłek, W.The laser texturing of overcoat piston of combustion engine for enlargement of his resistance on the waste in the conditions of the frictionFull text
Napadłek, W.; ...Laser ablation cleaning of the aeronautical jet engine turbine paddlesFull text
Pałczyński, T.; ...An European standards at its telematics systems research on the basis of coopers projectFull text
Panowicz, R.; ...Computer modelling of complex action system of blast wave arising from mine or IED explosion on light armoured vehicleFull text
Piętak, A.; ...Examining the quality of custom production's biofuelsFull text
Prochowski, L.Analysis of displacement of a concrete barrier on impact of a vehicle. theoretical model and experimental validationFull text
Roslanowski, JParametric functions of ship propulsion engine operationFull text
Serdecki, W.; ...Compression rings of low-speed high power enginesFull text
Siczek, K.The researches on the tribological properties of elements of the seat insert-valve-valve guide assemblyFull text
Siczek, K.; ...The simulation researches on the wear for elements of the seat insert-valve-valve guide assemblyFull text
Siczek, K.; ...Tribological properties of the seat insert - valve - guide assembly for valve driven magnetoelectricallyFull text
Sitnik, L. J.Some aspect of theory of cumulated fuel consumptionFull text
Stachura, A.; ...Hybrid diesel powertrainFull text
Stanisławek, S.; ...Numerical modeling of auxetics in structure strengthFull text
Starosta, R.; ...Selection of cutting parameters of turning the Ni-Al and Ni-Al-Al2O3 flame sprayed coatingsFull text
Starosta, R.; ...Corrosion of Ni-5 percent Al AND Ni-5 percent Al-Al2O3 flame sprayed coatings of "CastoDyn 8000" torch in 0.01 M H2SO4 and 3.5 percent NaCl solutionsFull text
Starosta, R.Flame spraying "Roto-Teck 80" of Ni-Al and Ni-Al-Al2O3 coatings surface texture after roller burnishingFull text
Swiatek, M.; ...Influence of geometry and type of cooling holes on thermal load of combustion chamberFull text
Szpytko, J.; ...Stereovision 3D type workspace mapping system architecture for transport devicesFull text
Szymczyk, W.; ...Comparative study of hybrid foam microstructure modelsFull text
Śniegocki, H.Navigational safety of shuttle tankersFull text
Tomita, E.; ...Visualization of auto-ignition of end gas region without knock in a spark-ignition natural gas engineFull text
Toporcer, E.; ...Intercooler for extremely low temperatures of chargingFull text
Ubysz, A.Characteristics of unit emissions "e j" of toxic compounds in vehiclesFull text
Ubysz, A.Effective efficiency in car engine as a function of reduction ratio during energy-aying speed controlFull text
Ubysz, A.Engine torque for acceleration of rotational mass in vehiclesFull text
Voženilek, R.; ...Test VDA ISO TR3888 on the testing bench for steer by wire systemFull text
Wdzięczny, A.; ...The assessment of the effectiveness of means of transportFull text
Wdzięczny, A.; ...The analysis and assessment of security threats in the motor transportFull text
Wierzcholski, K.Differences method topology of hydrodynamic pressure calculations from Reynolds equationFull text
Wiśniowski, W.Influence of mass changes of flying objects on their dynamic featuresFull text
Wołczyński, Z.Identification of fuel injection control system in a GDI engineFull text
Woropay, M.; ...The model of defining the efficiency of logistics subsystem posts in the transport systemFull text
Ziółkowski, M.Some problems with operation of engines fuelled with landfill biogasFull text