ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2010 | Contents of Volume 17, Number 2:

Ambrozik, A.; ...Selected load characteristics of 1.3 MultiJet engineFull text
Ballais Gallardo-Ruiz, J. M.; ...Optical diagnostics of the cycle-to-cycle variation in the kernel development and abnormal combustion: SI small engineFull text
Błachnio, J.; ...Examination of changes in the microstructure of gas turbine blades with visual and thermographic methodsFull text
Borkowski, W.; ...Experimental crash tests involving passenger cars and the prototype concrete protective barrierFull text
Borkowski, W.; ...Simulation tests on shaping the working width of the concrete protective systemsFull text
Charchalis, A.; ...Estimation of seagoing ship's engine power based on distinguishing quantity parameterFull text
Charchalis, A.System of education of marine engineering faculty of Gdynia Maritime UniversityFull text
Czerwinski, J.; ...Sensor quality for low pressure indication - research and solutionsFull text
Damaziak, K.; ...Influence of break shoes wearing in drum break - numerical approachFull text
Dyl, T.; ...The influence of the burnishing on technological quality of elements of part shipping machinesFull text
Dyl, T.; ...The influence of technological parameters process burnishing on the reduce roughness steel shaftFull text
Gallardo-Ruiz, J. M.; ...Optical diagnostics of the cyclic variation in the kernel development and abnormal combustion: SI boosted engineFull text
Gardulski, J.The use of amplitude measurement in the diagnosis of hydraulic shock absorbers of passenger carsFull text
Grządziela, A.Diagnosing of rotor systems of marine gas turbine engines in nonstationary statesFull text
Herdzik, J.Problems of propulsion arrangement choice of multi-mode shipFull text
Hunicz, J.Combustion control in gasoline HCCI engine with direct fuel injection and exhaust gas trappingFull text
Irzycki, A.; ...Impact of low-temperature corona discharges on gaseous pollutants level in diesel engine's exhaust gasFull text
Iskra, A.How the number of engine cylinders affects its mechanical efficiencyFull text
Jankowska-Sieminska, B.; ...Composite alloy for IC engine pistonsFull text
Jankowski, A.; ...Aging processes of biodiesel and biodiesel/diesel fuel blendsFull text
Jankowski, A.; ...Memorandum of prof. A. K. Oppenheim and an example of application of the Oppenheim correlation (OPC)* for the heat losses during the combustion in IC-engineFull text
Kłos, M.; ...Multiterminal cylinder pressure monitoring-diagnostic system of natural gas motor compressors of GMVH type in Krio OdolanówFull text
Kneba, Z.Dependence of the toxic components exhaust emission from the car engine starting temperatureFull text
Komorska, I.Utilising the resonance frequency of the engine vibration sensor in diagnostics of the exhaust valve leakageFull text
Kovalčik, A.; ...Optimization of a nonconventional engine evaporatorFull text
Kowalski, J.The ANN approximation of the CH4 combustion model : the heat releaseFull text
Kowalski, J.The ANN approximation of the CH4 combustion model : the mixture compositionFull text
Krasoń, W.; ...Numerical investigation of a landing gear system with PIN joints operating clearanceFull text
Krasowski, P.Pressure and velocity distribution in slide journal plane bearing lubricated with micropolar oilFull text
Kropiwnicki, J.Model of the reciprocating engine using iterative procedures of the transient torque calculationFull text
Krzymień, P. Lube oil consumption's impact on environmentFull text
Krzyżanowski, J.; ...Possibility of using visualization to present running point of marine diesel engineFull text
Lus, T.Tuning method for high-speed marine diesel engine MB820 TypeFull text
Łukasiewicz, M. The multidimensional analysis of the combustion engine investigations results with SVD methodFull text
Madej, H.; ...The vibroacoustic methods and their application in the diagnostics of the combustion engine's roller-bearing fittingsFull text
Martawirya, Y. Y.Development of autonomous distributed manufacturing systems (ADiMS) concept and example of it's application in the casting industryFull text
Miedzińska, A.; ...Numerical and experimental study of real foam microstructure modelsFull text
Mierzwa, R.; ...An analysis of the urban public transport system in Rzeszów - a study of conditionsFull text
Miszczak, A.; ...The program of experimental research regarding concentration of magnetic particles Fe3 O4 in ferrofluid for slide journal bearing lubricationFull text
Miszczak, A.; ...Oil aging influence on the slide journal bearing lubricationFull text
Mitianiec, W.; ...Experimental investigations in direct injected SI two-stroke engineFull text
Młynarczak, A.Research on purification of the marine engine oil with chemical interaction preparationFull text
Młynarczak, A.The operating preparations used in lubricating oilsFull text
Molenda, J.; ...The influence of abrasive machine on temperature during one side lappingFull text
Nowacki, G.; ...Some interoperability problems of European Electronic Tolling ServiceFull text
Nurhadi, I.; ...Development of computer based procedure for quantitative evaluation of bus superstructure in type approvalFull text
Pacana, J.; ...Defining instantaneous contact track of aeronautical bevel gear applying finite elements method and rapidFull text
Pająk, M.The analysis of usefulness of operational potential consumption models to control complex technical systems maintenanceFull text
Pawletko, R.; ...Application of multiple moving approximation with polynomials in curve smoothingFull text
Puchalski, A.Parametric analysis of automotive mechatronic systemsFull text
Roslanowski, J.Estimation of combustion process in cylinders of diesel engine based on its working achievementsFull text
Rizal Said, D. K.; ...Human resources grading for production engineering profession in commercial vehicle assembling plant based on profession with 3 lanes grading human resources development concept (PT. Krama Yudha Ratu Motor case study)Full text
Sławiński, G.; ...Numerical study of the influence of shape imperfections on residual stress fields in a rivet holeFull text
Smoczek, J.; ...Fuzzy logic and neural network approach to the indirect adaptive pole placement crane control systemFull text
Stoeck, T.Mathematical description of the external characteristics of compression-ignition engineFull text
Szpytko, J.; ...Material handling devices operation enyironment 3D-type presentation based on laser scanning systemsFull text
Szymczyk, E.; ...Numerical modelling of a selected part of the airplane fuselageFull text
Ullah, I.; ...Human fatigue model at road transportFull text
Vajda, B.; ...Analysing the cavitation phenomena in in-nozzle flowsFull text
Weintrit, A.The concept of a Universal Maritime Data Model (UMDM) essential for e-NavigationFull text
Wierzcholski, K.Determination of pseudo-viscosity coefficients for visco-elastic lubricantsFull text
Wirkowski, P.Modelling the characteristics of axial compressor with variable stator vanesFull text
Witkowski, K.Research on influence of change marine diesel engine of charging air parameters on its nitrogen oxides emissionFull text
Wygonik, P.Determining of the optimum size of turbofan engine for obtaining the maximum range of multi-purpose airplaneFull text
Yanai, T.; ...Optimization of injection pressure for fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in a dimethyl ether (DME) engine with a common rail type injection systemFull text