ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2011 | Contents of Volume 18, Number 3:

Babul, T.; ...Production of coatings with use of gas detonation. engine parts production and regeneration applicationsFull text
Bednarz, J.; ...Finite elements method in analysis of propagation of vibrations wave in the soilFull text
Bieniek, A.Conception of cylinder pressure based diesel injection control systemFull text
Bojar, P.; ...Transport rules and assessment of threats connected with transport of hazardous materials by trainFull text
Boruta, G.; ...Identification of components of vibration signal from the Hatz 1B40 engineFull text
Chraplewska, N.; ...Evaluation of usage brown gas generator for aided admission of diesel engine with fermentative biogas and producer gasFull text
Cuper, D.; ...Influence of indicator valve channel untightens and loss of patency on the parameters values image obtained from indicator diagramFull text
Domagała, M.; ...Interaction of liquid motion on mobile tank structureFull text
Dudzik, K.Mechanical properties of 5083, 5059 and 7020 aluminium alloys and their joints welded by MIGFull text
Filipek, P.; ...Design of on-line driver assistance Satellite Observation System (SOS)Full text
Frycz, M.; ...Distribution of hydrodynamic pressure in the interspace of lateral sliding bearings lubricated by ferrofluid with different concentrations of magnetic particlesFull text
Galarza, J.The supply chain management and operations as key to future competitiveness for research, development and manufacture of new vehiclesFull text
Galor, W.; ...Oversize cargo transport in the Polish part of south BalticRregionFull text
Gis, W.; ...The impact of engine cooling fan configuration on the emission of pollutants by vehicle exhaust systems in chassis dynamometer testsFull text
Gut, Z.; ...Monitoring of combustion processes in industrial burners using electrical capacitance tomographyFull text
Jankowska-Sieminska, B.Some problems pistons made from composite materials with small hysteresis to combustion enginesFull text
Jankowski, A.Reduction emission level of harmful components exhaust gases by means of control of parameters influencing on spraying process of biofuel components for aircraft enginesFull text
Jastrzębski, G.; ...Experimental method of determining characteristics of power and torque engine for low-power unmanned aerial vehiclesFull text
Kalina, P.; ...Investigation of blade piston compressorFull text
Kamiński, T.; ...Telematic security system for cash transport vehicleFull text
Kosiuczenko, K.; ...Numerical simulation of blast resistant steel plate strengthened with compositeFull text
Kowalski, M.Adaptive jet engines, advantages and application opportunitiesFull text
Kozik, B.An analysis of criterion for choosing constructional solutions for aeronautical multi-power path gear unitsFull text
Krasowski, P.Velocity distribution in slide journal bearing gap by laminar unsteady lubricationFull text
Kyzioł, L.The analysis of the parameters of the materials used for antiterrorist safety shields in marine vesselsFull text
Lisowski, E.; ...Transport and storage of LNG in container tanksFull text
Lus, T.Vibro-acoustic methods in marine diesel engines diagnosticsFull text
Łukjanow,S.Methods of investigation of road vehicles in context of immunity to electromagnetic fieldFull text
Mahyuddin, A. I.; ...Multibody dynamic stability analysis of a diesel-hydraulic locomotiveFull text
Majerczyk, A.Technical requirements and methods of testing retrofit LPG systems for motor vehicles, in accordance with the UN / ECE 115 RegulationFull text
Marczuk, A.; ...Optimum planning of connections between suppliers and receivers under circumstances of demand-supply imbalance and existing restraintsFull text
Mazurkiewicz, Ł.; ...I-beam structure under blast loading-Eulerian mesh density studyFull text
Merkisz, J.Real road tests - exhaust emission results from passenger carsFull text
Merkisz-Guranowska, A.End-of-life vehicles recycling network designFull text
Mitianiec, W.; ...Control problems in a turbocharged spark-ignition engineFull text
Miszczak, A.; ...Surface topography of slide journal bearingsFull text
Młynarczak, A.The influence of oil refilling strategy on the amount of oil in trunk piston marine diesel engine lubricating systemFull text
Molenda, J.Determining the conditions for temperature measurements during flat lappingFull text
Muślewski, Ł.; ...Method for assessment of transport means failures repairsFull text
Niezgoda, M.; ...Effective methods for drivers research with use of a driving simulatorFull text
Otremba, Z.; ...Spectrofluorymetry in application to oil-in-water emulsion characterizationFull text
Pająk, M.Types of the state space of complex technical systemsFull text
Parczewski, K.Exploration of the shock-absorber damage influence on the steerability and stability of the car motionFull text
Pietraszek, J.; ...Identification of virtual computational object's properties by using of screening designsFull text
Piętak, A.; ...Biofuels - opportunities and challengesFull text
Polanowski, S.; ...Acquisition of diagnostic information from the indicator diagrams of marine engines using the electronic indicatorsFull text
Raharno, S.; ...Development of integrated product model for supporting production monitoring system on an automobile assembly industryFull text
Rudz, K.Emulsified fuels of machine origin in seawater - a contribute to remote detectionFull text
Rychter, M.Functioning of digital tachograph system in the light of the level of it implementation and introduction digital tachograph the second generationFull text
Sendyka, B.; ...Simulation of work of an engine working with combustion initiation from ignition dose of fuelFull text
Sendyka, B.; ...Application of vibration signals in the diagnosis of combustion engines - exploitation practicesFull text
Starosta, R.Texture of surface of coatings obtained using the "Casto-Dyn 8000",torch, after burnishing treatmentFull text
Stępień, Z.; ...Influence of RME contents in diesel fuels on Cetane number determination qualityFull text
Szwaja, S.Knock and combustion rate interaction in a hydrogen fuelled combustion engine Full text
Śliwa, R. E.; ...The rapid prototyping of aircraft wheel hub model with the use of techniques JS, SLA, FDMFull text
Śmieja, M.; ...Prospects for the development of automotive networks based on ethernetFull text
Świątoniowski, A.; ...Application of finite element method in production of collar-head screw in suspension arm of motor car vehicleFull text
Tkaczyk, M.; ...Field of pressure in zone contact elements assembly PRC stationary quantificationFull text
Tornatore, C.; ...Effect of butanol blend on in-cylinder combustion process. Part 2: Compression ignition engineFull text
Tutak, W.Possibility to reduce knock combustion by EGR in the SI test engineFull text
Ustrzycki, A.; ...Comparative study of fuel injection at common rail system using different types of fuelFull text
Wierzbicki, S.Effect of the parameters of pilot dose injection in a dual fuel diesel engine on the combustion processFull text
Wirkowski, P.Modelling research of the characteristics of gasturbine axial compressor with changeable flow passage geometryFull text
Wolański, P.Detonation enginesFull text