ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2011 | Contents of Volume 18, Number 4:

Bieniek, A.; ...Adaptive control of exhaust gas recirculation at nonroad vehicle diesel engineFull text
Bojar, P.; ...Analysis of costs of repairs of undesirable events occurring in a municipal bus transportation systemFull text
Borkowski, T.; ...Combustion Pressure Appraisalin Marine Diesel EngineFull text
Brzeżański, M.Diesel engines with respect to Euro 6 and Bin5/Lev II emission limitsFull text
Budzik, G.A demonstrative prototype of aeronautical dual-power path gear unitFull text
Chraplewska, N.; ...Ethyl and methyl esters production field esterification plantFull text
Coban, H.; ...A novel technique for driveline assembly applicationsFull text
Czerwinski, J.; ...Influences of biocomponents (RME) on regenerations of diesel particle filtersFull text
Dereszewski, M.; ...Analysis of diagnostic utility of torque and rotational speed fluctuation of propulsion shaftFull text
Drogosz, P.; ...The selection of stirling engines applied to cogeneration systemsFull text
Fijałkowski, B.A novel internal combustion engine without crankshaft and connecting rod mechanismsFull text
Filipczyk, J.; ...The relation between the technical state and the exhaust gasses emission for a group of particular vehicle ageFull text
Frycz, M.; ...The friction force and friction coefficient in the journal sliding bearing ferrofluid lubricated with different concentrations of magnetic particlesFull text
Gis, W.; ...Properties of the rapeseed oil methyl esters and comparing them with the diesel oil propertiesFull text
Imiołek, M.; ...Choice of a pilot dose in dual fuel self-ignition engine of a generator, depending on its loadFull text
Iskra, A.Reduction of vibrations generated by a variable torque in 5-cylinder in-line enginesFull text
Jankowski, A.; ...On board diagnostics (OBD) research in conditions of chassis dynamometer and road testsFull text
Jaśkiewicz, M.; ...Possibilities of graphical environment application for determining parameters of the mechanical systemFull text
Juda, Z.Advanced batteries and supercapacitors for electric vehicle propulsion systems with kinetic energy recoveryFull text
Kamiński, T.; ...Advanced car driving simulator - As 1200-6Full text
Kamiński, T.; ...Effect analysis on the implementation of automatic emergency call system eCallFull text
Kawakami, T.Combustion characteristics for small diesel engine by using emulsified blend fuels of vegetable oil and light oilFull text
Kemzuraite, K.; ...Investigation of vehicle stability on road curves in winter conditionsFull text
Kowalski, D.; ...Irregularity of rotational speed of diesel engine with modified fuel injection systemFull text
Kowarska, I.; ...Model-based engineering-simulation based design of the suspension of city busFull text
Krasowski, P.Pressure and velocity distribution in slide journal bearing lubricated micropolar oilFull text
Labuda, W.; ...The analysis of the influence of the burnishing process on corrosion properties of steel applied to sea water pump shaftsFull text
Liashenko, M.; ...Combined control of hydropneumatic springs of the vehicleFull text
Lisiecki, M.Finite element method in car compatibility phenomenaFull text
Listewnik, K.; ...Preliminary evaluation of effective vibration analysis for the fault diagnosis of natural gas engine-driven compressorFull text
Makowski, M.; ...Vibration investigation of vehicle equiped with controlled piezoelectric dampersFull text
Marciniec, A.; ...Automated measurement of bevel gears of the aircraft gearbox using GOMFull text
Marczuk, A.; ...Evaluating the efficiency of continuous handling meansFull text
Martowibowo, S. Y.; ...Suitable multi criteria decision analysis tool for selecting municipal solid waste treatment in the city of bandungFull text
Mironiuk, W.The initial research on air flow's dynamic impact on a ship model of 888 project typeFull text
Mitianiec, W.Aspects of combustion process in a high pressure direct fuel injection two-stroke engineFull text
Muślewski, Ł.; ...Analysis of intermode connections in terms of transport system development in Poland Full text
Myśków, J.; ...Marine engine exhaust gas emission aftertreatment system conceptFull text
Nowakowski, M.Flight tests of upgraded helicoptersFull text
Otremba, Z.; ...Optical properties of fuels and lubricants vs. aquatic environment protection issuesFull text
Panowicz, R.; ...Numerical analysis of effects of IED side explosion on crew of lightarmoured wheeled vehicleFull text
Perkowski, W.; ...Study on kerosene atomization process under a high speed air streamFull text
Piętak, A.; ...Concept of a multi-fuel, low-power generator with a self-ignition, common rail gas engineFull text
Piętak, A.; ...Methane - a fuel for agricultureFull text
Pojawa, B.; ...Determination of operating characteristics of naval gas turbines LM2500Full text
Postrzednik, S.; ...Possibility of the charge exchange work diminishing of an internal combustion engine in part loadFull text
Prajwowski, K.Possibilities of changes of parameters of the driver to engine Fiat 1.3 JTD performancesFull text
Prochowski, L.Comparative analysis of frontal zone of deformation in vehicles with self-supporting and framed bodiesFull text
Rapiński, J.; ...Pseudolite augmented navigation for automotive applicationFull text
Rosłanowski, J.; ...Operation of diesel engine in direct ship propulsionFull text
Borkowski, W.; ...The effect of suspension technical condition on multi-axis vehicle dynamic loadsFull text
Sendyka, B.; ...Test bed studies of an engine with combustion initiation from ignition dose of fuelFull text
Serdecki, W.; ...Dependence of piston ring parameters determination accuracy on the method of calculationFull text
Sitnik, L.; ...Comparative analysis of the vibrations of a different kind of engine mounted in the same new motor vehiclesFull text
Skorupka, Z.; ...Armoured vehicles brakes testsFull text
Smalko, Z.Introduction to the theory of hazardsFull text
Smoczek, J.; ...Self-learning fuzzy predictor of exploitation system operating timeFull text
Stanisławek, S.; ...Numerical analysis of an influence of ceramic plate surrounding by metal components in a ballistic panelFull text
Stypułkowski, K.Proposal of lighting requirements for lighting devices in adaptive front lighting system of tram's head lightsFull text
Szpytko, J.; ...Non-suitable device technical state replacement results maintenance approachFull text
Szpytko, J.; ...Dependability shaping approach of devices used in production processFull text
Szpytko, J.; ...Estimation of the intelligent camera computing power for the real-time image preprocessingFull text
Targosiński, T.Passing beam visibility distance - technical possibilities, legal requirements and road safetyFull text
Tekielak, M.; ...An integrated system of conscious enterprise resource managementFull text
Tokarczyk, E.; ...The role and tasks of psychologists within a system of preventive measures aimed at the road traffic safetyFull text
Ułanowicz, L.Effect of dynamic properties attributable to hydraulic lines onto operation of avionicFull text
Wislocki, K.; ...Thermodynamic aspects of combustion in gasoline engines fitted with a multiple fuel injectionFull text
Woropay, M.; ...Availability of a technical object determined in a finite time intervalFull text
Woropay, M.; ...Method for assessment of risks connected with technical object functioning on the basis of Markov model of operation processFull text
Worsztynowicz, B.Analysis of the engine fuels impact on carbon dioxide emissionsFull text
Woźniak, D.; ...Transport device operator stress features analysisFull text
Dudzik, K.The influence of joining method of AW-7020 aluminium alloy on corrosion propertiesFull text
Jankowski, A.Influence of chosen parameters of water fuel microemulsion on combustion processes, emission level of nitrogen oxides and fuel consumption of CI engineFull text
Smoczek, J.; ...A genetic fuzzy approach to estimate operation time of transport deviceFull text