ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2011 | Contents of Volume 18, Number 2:

Baraniecki, R.; ...Fatigue life stimation of structural element of MI-24 HelicopterFull text
Baranowski, P.; ...Blast wave and suspension system interaction - numerical approachFull text
Baszanowska, E.; ...Adoption of the time resolved fluorescence to oil type identificationFull text
Borkowski, T.; ...Assessment of ship's engine effective power, fuel consumption and emission using the vessel speednFull text
Charchalis, A.Diagnostics of vessel power plantsFull text
Charchalis, A.; ...Analysis of fire hazard and safety requirements of a sea vessel engine roomsFull text
Charchalis, A.; ...Analysis method of fire hazard of fuel oil and diesel oil systems in sea vessels engine roomsFull text
Charchalis, A.; ...Economizer selection method with reference to its reliability at preliminary design stage of seagoing vesselsFull text
Charchalis, A.; ... Testing 10GHMBA steel for vessel ballistic shieldsFull text
Charchalis, A.; ...Knowledge management system for marine diesel engine diagnosisFull text
Charchalis, A.; ...The analysis of finish tooling influence on contact fatigue of steel applied to sea water pump shaftsFull text
Chłus, K.; ...Dynamic analysis of railway platform chassis modelFull text
Chuchnowski, W.; ...Method for modelling temperature distribution in exhaust system of diesel engine in the light of mine systems of heat recuperationFull text
Czaban, A.; ...Surface topography of non-operated slide journal micro-bearingsFull text
Drogosz, P.Trajectory of the apex seals of the wankel rotary engineFull text
Dyl, T.The burnishing strengthen shafts neck of centrifugal pumpsFull text
Filipek, P.; ...Remote controlled mobile inspection robotFull text
Gmurczyk, G.; ...Global FEM model of combat helicopterFull text
Grządziela, A.Ship impact modeling of underwater explosionFull text
Gutkowski, A.Influence of number of step reactions on flame parameters under quenching conditionsFull text
Herdzik, J.Emissions from marine engines versus IMO certification and requirements of tier 3Full text
Herdzik, J.LNG as a marine fuel - possibilities and problemFull text
Hlavńa, V.; ...The influence of intensity of charge air intercooling on diesel engine gasFull text
Islam, M. A.; ...Relation of motion resistance torque and friction torque in the four stroke engineFull text
Jankowski, A.; ...Some aspects of on board diagnostics systems (OBD) in PolandFull text
Jasiulek, D.; ...An adaptive control system of roadheader with intelligent modelling of mechanical features of mined rockFull text
Knefel, T.The evaluation of the characteristic injection times of a multiple fuel doseFull text
Koszałka, G.; ...Design of a frame to a semi low-loaderFull text
Kowalski, M.Adaptive jet engines work analysis and controlFull text
Kuciej, M.The comparable analysis of temperature distributions assessment in disc brake obtained using analytical method and FE modelFull text
Leżański, T.; ...Research of flame propagation in combustion system with semi-open combustion chamber for gasoline SI enginesFull text
Lisowski, E.; ...Pressure control in air cushions of the mobile platformFull text
Lubas, J.Tribological characteristics of the surface layer of steel modified with boron under mixed friction conditionsFull text
Mamala, J.; ...The System for estimation parameters of internal combustion engine in the road testFull text
Marciniec, A.; ...Automated measurement of bevel gears of the aircraft gearbox using GOMFull text
Martowibowo, S. Y.; ...Development of Industry-Oriented Master Degree Program in Mechanical Engineering at Institut Teknologi Bandung: lessons learnedFull text
Miedzińska, D.; ...Numerical calculations of RVE dimensions for two-phase materialFull text
Mitianiec, W.; ...Mathematical model of the hydraulic valve timing systemFull text
Nowacki, G.Polish researches on electronic toll collectionFull text
Nurhadi, I.; ...Computer modelling of energy absorbing capability of bus superstructure for rollover safetyFull text
Panas, A. J.; ...Analysis of metrological conditioning of thermal diffusivity measurements applying modified Angstrom's method at scanning mode operationFull text
Pawlak, M.; ...Modelling the structural dynamics of chosen components of the horizontal axis wind turbineFull text
Pawletko, R.; ...Influence of TDC determination methods on mean indicated pressure errors in marine diesel enginesFull text
Reszka, K.; ...An application of artificial neural network to exhaust emission modelling from diesel engineFull text
Reymer, P.Validation of the FEM model of the Mi-24 tail boom and vertical stabilizerFull text
Rostek, E.; ...Thermogravimetric biomass-to-liquid processesFull text
Rudz, K.Emulsified fuels of machine origin in seawater - a contribute to remote detectionFull text
Mitianiec, W.; ...Simulation of exhaust gases components formation in engine working with combustion initiation from ignition dose of fuelFull text
Siczek, K.The magnetically loaded noncontact couple between valve tip and surface of cam follower or rocker armFull text
Stypułkowski, K.Proposal of lighting requirements for lighting devices in adaptive front lighting system of tram's head lightsFull text
Tomczuk, P.Assessment of visibility on pedestrian crossing - computational modelFull text
Toporcer, E.Exhaust gases measurement preparationFull text
Tornatore, C.; ...Effect of butanol blend on in-cylinder combustion process. Part 1: Spark ignition engineFull text
Trzebiński, D.; ...Thermal analysis of car air coolerFull text
Tutaj, J.Simulation of automotive AC-DC macrocommutator generatorsFull text
Wierzcholski, K.Logical network design of microbearing systemsFull text
Wierzcholski, K.Summation equation tools for slide microbearing systems wear prognosisFull text
Wierzcholski, K.Measurement of non used microbearing grooved surfaces for computer ventilator Xilence Case FanFull text
Wierzcholski, K.Measurement of non used microbearing occurring in computer HDD seagate barracudaFull text
Więckowski, D.; ...Influence of freeplay and friction in steering system on double lane change manoeuvre - modelling and simulation studiesFull text
Witkowski, K.Research on possible supplying ship diesel engines with alternative fuelsFull text
Żak, A.Fuzzy controller for underwater remotely operated vehicle which is moving in conditions of environment disturbance occurrenceFull text
Żmudka, Z.; ...Inverse aspects of the three-way catalytic converter operation in the spark ignition engineFull text