ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2011 | Contents of Volume 18, Number 1:

Babushkin, A. E.; ...The optimization of the design strength characteristics of the frame of the tractorFull text
Baczewski, K.; ...Investigation properties of rapeseed oil methyl esters/aviation turbine fuel Jet A-1 blendsFull text
Baranowski, P.; ...Numerical investigations of terrain vehicle tire subjected to blast waveFull text
Barnat, W.; ...A numerical analysis of initial and boundary conditions influence on the crew of tracked vehicle and the groundFull text
Barnat, W.; ...Influence of armoured vehicle's bottom shape on the pressure impulseFull text
Bartnicki, A.Strength tests of folding bridges' spansFull text
Baszuk, K.; ...Investigation of the unmanned vehicle hybrid propulsion systemFull text
Bogdanowicz, Z.; ...Laser rebuilding of engine exhaust valvesFull text
Borkowski, W.; ...Experimental research on the dynamic loads of the wheeled armoured personnel carrierFull text
Borkowski, W.; ...Operational Loads of Combat VehiclesFull text
Borkowski, W.; ...Prototype articulated joint in connections of the concrete protective barrierFull text
Charchalis, A.; ...Diagnosing of ship propulsion elements by vibration measurementFull text
Cherkashina, E.; ...Investigation of thermal intensity of hydropneumatic spring of vehicleFull text
Cypko, E.; ...Influence of lubricated sliding couple structural material type on generated potential difference valueFull text
Czabanowski, R.Deformable ground influence on the friction drive transmission between drive pulley and elastometric trackFull text
Czop, P.; ...A computational fluid flow analysis of a disc valve systemFull text
Dereszewski, M.; ...Analysis of diagnostic utility of instantaneous angular speed fluctuation of diesel engine crankshaftFull text
Derewońko, A.; ...Device supporting military vehicles buoyancy and ballistic resistanceFull text
Dębowski, A.; ...Modelling of centre differential control Full text
Figurski, J.Logistic support of "Homar" rocket systemFull text
Gocman, K.; ...Structural and mechanical properties of boron nitride thin films deposited on steel substrates by pulsed laser depositionFull text
Grządziela, A.; ...Vibration diagnostics of marine gas turbine enginesFull text
Świtek, J.Stability of motion of the crewed autonomous underwater vehicleFull text
Kałdoński, T.; ...Liquid lubricants for space engineering and methods for their testingFull text
Kałdoński, T.; ...Almost 60 years of tribology at the faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Military University of TechnologyFull text
Kałdoński, T.; ...Investigations on lubricity and surface properties of selected perfluoropolyether oilsFull text
Kałdoński, T.; ...Initial studies on lubricity and surface properties of selected ionic liquidsFull text
Karczewski, M.; ...Assessment of start-up characteristics of G9T engine at low temperature, FED with F-34 fuel blends with biocomponentsFull text
Karczewski, M.; ...Optical analysis of failure of combustion engines elementsFull text
Karczewski, M.; ...Assessment of dynamic qualities of the G9T engine with common rail system, FED with battlefield-use fuel blends with a biocomponentFull text
Koliński, K.Researches of noxious components of exhaust gases conversion occurs in catalytic converter during a start-up of compression ignition engine in lowered temperatureFull text
Konieczny, J.Laboratory tests of active suspension systemFull text
Konopka, S.; ...Articulated engineering equipment stability simulations based on Ł34 wheel loaderFull text
Korzec, E.; ...Technical and economic aspects of treatment of compressed natural gas to vehicle supplyFull text
Kosiara, A.Control effectiveness comparison of wheel loader's longitudinal vibrations by means of passive and active vibration stabilisersFull text
Kosiuczenko, K.; ...Numerical analysis of ceramic-steel-composite shield subjected to ballistic impact of the fragmentFull text
Kowalski, M.Application of the phase reproduction method to the analysis of an avionic event on board of the W-3 "Sokół" helicopterFull text
Krasoń, W.; ...Analysis of vibrations of the simplified model of the suspension system with a double spring and a fluid damperFull text
Kupicz, W.; ...Method for testing steerability and stability of military vehicles motion using SR60E steering robotFull text
Luty, W.An analysis of tire relaxation in conditions of the wheel side cornering agle oscilationsFull text
Luty, W.The mi-PW friction tester as an element of road surface skid resistance evaluation system at the traffic accident sceneFull text
Łopatka, M. J.; ...Multifunction suspension of EOD robotFull text
Michalczyk, M.; ...The model of vertical acceleration impact on backbone of member of the crewFull text
Motrycz, G.; ...Design of flatbed for carrying damaged AFV Rosomak by air transportationFull text
Muszyński, T.Research into drive system of EOD/IED robotFull text
Napadłek, W.Laser percussive strengthening of the aluminum alloysFull text
Niziński, S.; ...Autonomic logistics system of intelligent military motor vehiclesFull text
Niziński, S.; ...Operational strategy of military motor vehiclesFull text
Papacz, W.Biogas as vehicle fuelFull text
Papliński, K. M.; ...Influence of inertia moment of infantry fighting vehicle turret on accuracy of aiming at a target and tracking of a targetFull text
Pasieka, D.; ...New concepts of vehicles, modelling and simulation using WMI and MG20 vehicles as an exampleFull text
Perończyk, J.Selected problems of electrical discharge machining (EDM) of metal composite materials applied in manufacturing of mechanical vehiclesFull text
Piątek, M.Performance monitoring and diagnostics of drive units of heavy armoured equipmentFull text
Pobedin, A.; ...Agency of the suspension of the back idler on transport vibration of the tractor with triangular caterpillar contourFull text
Świderski, A.The selected aspects of the quality assessment of transport servicesFull text
Pobedin, A.; ...The modelling of noise emission by the gearbox of vehicles gaz 3110, 31105Full text
Pobedin, A.; ...Vibration isolators test benchFull text
Podzorov Prytkov, V.; ...The vehicle ride comfort increase at the expense of semiactive suspension systemFull text
Polak, F.; ...Simulation of the hybrid propulsion system for the small unmanned vehicleFull text
Polak, F.; ...Propulsion module for unmannned vehicleFull text
Prajwowski, K.; ...Simulative comparison of the traction properties of Daewoo Lublin 3 Mi van with particular types of gearboxFull text
Prochowski, L.; ...The analysis of occupant motion in frontal barrier impact of a chassis frame vehicleFull text
Ratajczyk, E.; ...Systems for damaged car bodys measurementsFull text
Rychlik, A.; ...Diagnostic information model of a military vehicleFull text
Saska, P.; ...An analysis of an explosive shock wave impact onto military vehicles of contemporary warfareFull text
Sawczuk, W.; ...Application of vibroacoustic signal to diagnose disck braking systemFull text
Shekhovtsov, V.; ...The research of the dynamic load of the power train of the caterpillar tractor Chetra 6C-315Full text
Simiński, P.Safety and analysis of modern transport articulated vehicles motoric propertiesFull text
Simiński, P.Testing of "MAMUT" the evacuation & technical recovery wheeled vehicleFull text
Śliwiński, J.Protection of vehicles against minesFull text
Smal, T.; ...Expedient repair of hydro-pneumatic pipes with adhesivesFull text
Sobczyk, Z.Total current measurement interrupts detection method in automotive bulbs circuitsFull text
Sosnowicz, R.; ...Conception of military vehicle classificationFull text
Sosnowicz, R.; ...Seat as an element improving physical protection of soldiers during explosion of mines under the armoured military vehiclesFull text
Sprawka, P.; ...The system of active bases protection in the areas of combat tasksFull text
Stachura, S.; ...Static analysis and stability of the grillageFull text
Stańczyk, T. L.; ...Researches on the reaction of a pedestrian stepping into the road from the right side from behind and an obstacle realized on the trackFull text
Stoeck, T.Evaluation of the carriage of disabled people by means of municipal transport in SzczecinFull text
Stryjek, P.; ...The effect of the driver and construction changes in vehicle suspension systems on the ability to perform sudden manoeuvres on the road on the basis of tests carried out on police carsFull text
Szudrowicz, M.Analysis of bar and net screens structure protecting vehicles against anti-tank grenades fired from RPG-7Full text
Szurgott, P.; ...Thermomechanical FE analysis of the engine piston made of composite material with low histeresisFull text
Trzciński, Ł.The preliminary design of multipurpose engineering machineFull text
Walentynowicz, J.Influence the higher temperature of the cooling liquid on operational parameter of the piston combustion engineFull text
Wendeker, M.; ...Flow simulation through wankel engine throttle using computational fluid dynamicsFull text
Wendeker, M.; ...Modeling the thermal loads in the Subaru EJ25 engineFull text
Żardecki, D.Modelling of eps type steering systems including freeplay and friction in steering mechanismFull text
Żuchowski, A.; ...Analysis of properties of operation of the supporting equipment for the seat beltsFull text