ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2013 | Contents of Volume 20, Number 1:

Barnat, W.Analysis of IED Sidebar Explosion Influence on Hull of Light Fighting Vehicle10.5604/12314005.11353017-14Full text
Barski, M.; ...Damage Detection in Composite Cylindrical Panels Based on Forced Vibration10.5604/12314005.113530315-22Full text
Boś, P.; ...The Analysis of Chosen Technological Parameters in the Process of Manufacturing Components of Landing Gear of Structural Post Aircraft10.5604/12314005.113530523-28Full text
Charchalis, A.Designing Constraints in Evaluation of Ship Propulsion Power10.5604/12314005.113530729-34Full text
Chłus, K.; ...Experimental and Numerical Verification of the Pontoon Bridge Section10.5604/12314005.113530935-40Full text
Cygnar, M.; ...Determination of the Total Efficiency for Engine with Spark-Ignition and Compression-Ignition10.5604/12314005.113531041-48Full text
Czarnecki, M.Mass Model of Micro Gas Turbine Single Spool Turbojet Engine10.5604/12314005.113531249-54Full text
Dereszewski, M.; ...Model Based Prediction of the Crankshaft Instantaneous Angular Speed Fluctuations10.5604/12314005.113531455-62Full text
Drogosz, P.; ...Conception of Vehicle of Individual Personal Transport with Hybrid Pneumatic Propulsion10.5604/12314005.113531563-70Full text
Dudzik, K.Influence of Joining Method for Mechanical Properties of 7020 Aluminium Alloy Joints10.5604/12314005.113531671-76Full text
Dyl, T.C.Finishing Intermetallic Coatings in Order to Reduce the Surface Roughness10.5604/12314005.113531777-82Full text
Folusiak, M.; ...Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulations of the Combustion Chamber of the Rotating Detonation Engine10.5604/12314005.113531983-88Full text
Freda, W.; ...Modeling of Visibility of Oil Dispersed in the Sea Water Column10.5604/12314005.113532089-94Full text
Giernalczyk, M.; ...The Analysis of Possible Methods of Providing Fresh Water for Sailing Vessels Based on the Example of S/V Dar Młodzieży10.5604/12314005.113532195-102Full text
Gołębiewski, W.The Impact of Air Filter on Operational Properties of Engine with the Common Rail Fuel Supply System10.5604/12314005.1135322103-110Full text
Grządziela, A.; ...An Application of Order Tracking Procedure for Diagnosis Technical State of Rotor System in Shut-Dow Process10.5604/12314005.1135323111-118Full text
Grzesik, N.Project of Aircraft Attack Avionics on-Board Control System with Air-Task Efficiency Estimation Subsystem Based on Fuzzy Logic (Rockets Subsystem in A-G Missions)10.5604/12314005.1135324119-126Full text
Konarzewski, M.; ...Hybrid Locomotives – Overview of Construction Solutions10.5604/12314005.1135325127-134Full text
Kończewicz, W.; ...Study on Oil Sorbents Effectiveness10.5604/12314005.1135326135-138Full text
Korta, J.; ...Multi-Material Design Optimization of a Bus Body Structure10.5604/12314005.1135327139-146Full text
Kowalski, M.The Effect of Automotive Vehicle Braking System Failure on Driving Safety10.5604/12314005.1135328147-154Full text
Kyzioł, L.; ...Monitoring System of Extreme Loadings of Propulsion System’s Foundation. Design Assumptions10.5604/12314005.1135329155-162Full text
Labuda, W.; ...The Analysis of Finish Tooling Influence on Wear Intensity of Marine Pump Shaft10.5604/12314005.1135330163-170Full text
Lewińska, J.; ...Influence of the Marine 4-Stroke Diesel Engine Malfunctions on the Nitric Oxides Emission10.5604/12314005.1135331171-178Full text
Lindstedt, P.; ...Prediction of Estimates of Technical Object’s Reliability on the Basis of Damage Determined from Lindberg Levy’s Claim and Multiplicity of the Set Specified From Ergodicity Stream Damage10.5604/12314005.1135332179-184Full text
Lubas, J.Tribological Properties of Sliding Pairs with Surface Layer Containing Boron Under Mixed Friction Conditions10.5604/12314005.1135333185-192Full text
Lus, T.Tests Results of New Diagnostic Method for WOLA Marine Diesel Engines Type H10.5604/12314005.1135334193-200Full text
Miszczak, A.Determination of Variable Pseudo-Viscosity Coefficients for Oils with the Rivlin-Ericksen Properties10.5604/12314005.1135335201-208Full text
Mitaniec, W.Proposal of a Piston Engine with Close Thermal Cycle of Working Medium10.5604/12314005.1135336209-218Full text
Murawski, L.; ...Analysis Methods of Crankshaft's Stiffness Characteristics10.5604/12314005.1135337219-226Full text
Nanowski, D.The Comparison of Theoretical to Practical Cargo Loading Rate of Butane - Analysis of LPG Carrier Reliquefaction Plant10.5604/12314005.1136153227-232Full text
Niezgoda, M.; ...Self-Reported Drivers’ Behaviour: an Application of DBQ in Poland10.5604/12314005.1136157233-238Full text
Noga, M.; ...New Design of the Five-Stroke SI Engine10.5604/12314005.1136161239-246Full text
Opara, T.; ...Diagnostic Investigations of Turbojet Injectors10.5604/12314005.1136165247-254Full text
Orliński, S.; ...The Effect of Diesel Fuel Mixture and Camelina Oil Ester on the Process of Fuel Injection in Traction Engine10.5604/12314005.1136171255-262Full text
Panowicz, R.Analysis of Selected Contact Algorithms Types in Terms of Their Parameters Selection10.5604/12314005.1136172263-268Full text
Prochowski, L.Analysis of the Impact of Road Category and Day of the Week on Accident Hazard in the Road Transport of Goods in Poland10.5604/12314005.1136176269-278Full text
Rosłanowski, J.; ...Symptoms of States Included in the Performance of Con-Rod-Piston Combustion Engines Systems10.5604/12314005.1136178279-286Full text
Rudź, K.; ...Estimation of Emulsified and Dissolved Oil Content in Seawater10.5604/12314005.1136181287-294Full text
Siczek, K.Researches on Friction Force Between Valve Made of TiAl and Its Guide Made of Phosphorous Bronze10.5604/12314005.1136183295-302Full text
Skorupka, Z.Braking Moment Comparison and Analysis for Various Brake Designs Using Results from Sample and Full Scale Friction Material Tests10.5604/12314005.1136185303-308Full text
Starosta, R.Effect of Burnishing on the Contact Fatigue of Regenerative Thermally Sprayed Coatings10.5604/12314005.1136189309-316Full text
Stelmasiak, Z.Comparison of Combustion of Gasoline and Methanol in the SI Engine Dual Fuelled10.5604/12314005.1136190317-328Full text
Swiderski, K.; ...Numerical Tools for Three Dimensional Simulations of the Rotating Detonation Engine in Complex Geometries10.5604/12314005.1136193329-336Full text
Szczepanik, R.Early Detection of Fatigue Cracks in Turbine Aero-Engine Rotor Blades during Flight10.5604/12314005.1136202337-342Full text
Szurgott, P.; ...Span Length Influence on Dynamic Response of Selected Bridge Under High-Speed Train10.5604/12314005.1136205343-350Full text
Szydłowski, T.; ...Experimental Research of Properties of Hydraulic Drive for Valves of Internal Combustion Engines10.5604/12314005.1136211351-358Full text
Więckowski, D.Frequency Analysis of Vertical Vibrations Acting on a Baby Transported in a Child Car Seat10.5604/12314005.1136213359-366Full text
Wierzcholski, K.3D Hydrodynamic Pressure in Gap Height Direction for Cylindrical Bearing Viscoelastic Lubrication10.5604/12314005.1136215367-374Full text
Witkowski, K.Research on Influence of Condition Elements the Supercharger System on the Parameters of the Marine Diesel Engine10.5604/12314005.1136218375-380Full text
Żach, P.Hyperelastic Polynomial Models in Plastics Behaviour Analyses10.5604/12314005.1136223381-386Full text
Żmudka, Z.; ...Charge Exchange Control in a SI Engine by Early Exhaust Valve Closing10.5604/12314005.1136226387-394Full text
Żuchowski, A.Child Safety in a Car During a Frontal Collision10.5604/12314005.1136231395-402Full text