ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2019 | Contents of Volume 26, Number 4:

Adamkiewicz, A.; ...Operational Verification of a Ship Main Power System Element Choice – Case Study10.2478/kones-2019-01207-14Full text
Bąk, W.; ...Analysis of Possibility Limiting the Time of Test Injector in Diesel Engine Using Factory Test Bench Producers of These Elements10.2478/kones-2019-012015-20Full text
Bieniek, A.; ...Slip at Vehicle Transmission System with Hydrokinetic Converter in the Urban Test Cycle10.2478/kones-2019-008521-28Full text
Czaban, A.; ...Simulations of the Influence of the Heat Flux at the Shaft Surface of the Conical Slide Bearing on Its Hydrodynamic Lubrication and Operating Parameters10.2478/kones-2019-008629-38Full text
Doan, D.V.; ...Modelling Method of Dynamic Characteristics of Marine Thin-Walled Structure10.2478/kones-2019-008739-46Full text
Dudzik, K.Mechanical Properties of AW-5083 Alloy Joints Welded by Hybrid Method – FSW and MIG10.2478/kones-2019-008847-52Full text
Frycz, M.Distributions of Hydrodynamic Pressure in the Gap of Slide Journal Bearing Lubricated with Ferro-Oil10.2478/kones-2019-008953-62Full text
Gis, W.; ...The Development of the World Fleet of Electric Vehicles in Years 2010–2017 with Emphasis on Fuel-Cell Vehicles10.2478/kones-2019-009063-68Full text
Gis, W.; ...Comparative Preliminary Unit Costs Analysis of the Operation of Passenger Cars with Combustion Engines and Fuel Cell Vehicles Powered by Hydrogen10.2478/kones-2019-009169-74Full text
Graba, M.; ...Self-Learning Control Algorithms Used to Manage the Operating of an Internal Combustion Engine10.2478/kones-2019-009275-82Full text
Jędral, A.; ...Validation of Microscopy Measured Porosity in Carbon Fibers Composites10.2478/kones-2019-009383-90Full text
Karczewski, M.; ...Energy Balance of a Vehicle Equipped with Hybrid Propulsion System Fueled with Alternative Fuels10.2478/kones-2019-009491-96Full text
Karczewski, M.; ...Analysis of Electric Vehicles Efficiency and Their Influence on Environmental Pollution10.2478/kones-2019-009597-104Full text
Kiciński, R.; ...Determination of Material Characteristics Necessary for Modeling of Marine Structures Exposed to Small-Calibre Bullet10.2478/kones-2019-0096105-112Full text
Kończewicz, W.; ...Using Sorbents for oil Spill Clean-up in Ports and Coastal Areas10.2478/kones-2019-0097113-118Full text
Koprowski, A.; ...Influence of Inlet Geometry on the Efficiency of 1 MW Steam Turbine10.2478/kones-2019-0098119-126Full text
Krakowski, R.Technical and Ecological Analysis of Different Solutions of the Power Supply of a Marine Diesel Engine10.2478/kones-2019-0099127-134Full text
Kyzioł, L.Composite Materials for Warship Constructions10.2478/kones-2019-0100135-140Full text
Labuda, W.The Influence of Cutting Parameters on Surface Topography During Turning Marine Pump Shafts10.2478/kones-2019-0101141-148Full text
Lesnau, A.; ...Comparative Analysis of Fuels Derived from PE Plastic Waste with a Mixture of Plastic Recycling Waste of Codes: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 Based on Low-Temperature Pyrolysis10.2478/kones-2019-0102149-154Full text
Linek, M.Application of Similarity Method of Distance Courses Describing the Elements Content in Cement Concrete After 50 Forced Thermal Cycles10.2478/kones-2019-0103155-162Full text
Linek, M.; ...Application of Similarity Method of Distance Courses Describing the Elements Content in Typical Cement Concrete After Thermal Cycles10.2478/kones-2019-0104163-170Full text
Miszczak, A.; ...Operating Parameters of a Slide Bearing with Parabolic-Shaped Slide Surfaces with Consideration of the Stochastic Changes in the Lubrication Gap Height10.2478/kones-2019-0105171-178Full text
Molenda, J.The Experimental Investigation of Surface Roughness After dry Turning of Steel S23510.2478/kones-2019-0106179-184Full text
Niculescu, A.I.; ...Solutions in the Vehicle Suspension10.2478/kones-2019-0107185-196Full text
Panasiuk, K.; ...Effect of the Recyclate on a Deflection of Composites in Bending10.2478/kones-2019-0108197-204Full text
Rojewski, A.; ...Numerical Investigation of Endplates Influence on the Wing in Ground Effect Lift Force10.2478/kones-2019-0109205-210Full text
Sierakowski, M.; ...Investigation of Thermal Properties of Novel Phase Change Material Mixtures (Octadecane-Diamond) with Laser Flash Analysis10.2478/kones-2019-0110211-218Full text
Siergiejczyk, M.; ...Analysis of the Vehicle Exploitation Process with Regard to Profiling10.2478/kones-2019-0111219-226Full text
Smolarek, L.; ...Modelling of Transport System Operational Reliability a Markov Approach10.2478/kones-2019-0112227-234Full text
Sobieszek, A.Anomaly of Rotor Dynamics in Ultra-Light Helicopter – Robinson R2210.2478/kones-2019-0113235-240Full text
Szeleziński, A.; ...Introduction to the Examination of Thin-Walled Structures Using the Vibrodiagnostic Method10.2478/kones-2019-0114241-240Full text
Szybiński, B.; ...Numerical Investigations of Stress Concentration in Reinforcement Steel Structure by Composite Overlays10.2478/kones-2019-0115249-256Full text
Tywoniuk, A.; ...Storage of Wind Power Energy10.2478/kones-2019-0116257-264Full text
Wieczorska, A.; ...Analysis of Possibility of Repairing Welding of Selected of the Steam Turbines10.2478/kones-2019-0117265-272Full text
Kowaleczko, G.; ...Modelling of Helicopter Main Rotor Aerodynamic Loads in Manoeuvres10.2478/kones-2019-0118273-284Full text
Kubica, G.; ...An Influence of Correction of the Ignition Advance Angle on the Combustion Process in SI Engine Fuelled by LPG with the Addition of DME10.2478/kones-2019-0119285-392Full text