ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2019 | Contents of Volume 26, Number 1:

Bilar, A.; ...Gravelling Test for Rail Windshield10.2478/kones-2019-00017-16Full text
Charchalis, A.Estimation of the Vessel's Sailing Resistance in the Preliminary Analyses10.2478/kones-2019-000217-22Full text
Czarnecki, M.; ...PZL-10 Turboshaft Engine – System Design Review10.2478/kones-2019-000323-30Full text
Van Doan, D.; ...Calculation Reliability of Natural Vibrations of Ship Hull and Superstructure10.2478/kones-2019-000431-38Full text
Grabski, F.Nonhomogeneous Poisson Process and Compound Poisson Process in the Modelling of Random Processes Related to Road Accidents10.2478/kones-2019-000539-46Full text
Haller, P.; ...Wavelet Transform in Vibroacoustic Diagnostic of Machines10.2478/kones-2019-000647-56Full text
Herdzik, J.Thrust Control Systems of Propulsion and Their Verification on Dynamically Positioned Vessels10.2478/kones-2019-000757-64Full text
Hyla, P.; ...Integrated Supervision for Supporting Control and Proactive Maintenance of Material Handling System10.2478/kones-2019-000865-72Full text
Kawakami, T.A Study of Reduction for Combustion Products of a Gasoline Engine – Especially Effects of Multi Component Fuel Properties10.2478/kones-2019-000973-80Full text
Labuda, W.The Influence of Changing of Treatment Condition on Surface Roughness Parameter During Turning Process by Wiper Insert10.2478/kones-2019-001081-88Full text
Menes, M.; ...The Profitability of Disposing of Vehicles Fulfilling the Older Euro Standards in Terms of CO2 Emission10.2478/kones-2019-001189-94Full text
Murawski, L.Influence of marine Main Engine Foundations on the Results of Vibration Calculations10.2478/kones-2019-001295-102Full text
Nguyen H.Subjective Risk Estimation of the Rare Event10.2478/kones-2019-0013103-110Full text
Pająk, M.; ...Identification of Inability States of Rotating Subsystems of Vehicles and Machines10.2478/kones-2019-0014111-118Full text
Prasad, A.R.; ...Experimental Investigations of Various Modes of Charging on HCCI Engine10.2478/kones-2019-0015119-126Full text
Ramalingam S.; ...A Comparative Assessment of Operating Characteristics of a Diesel Engine Using 20% Proportion of Different Biodiesel Diesel Blend10.2478/kones-2019-0016127-140Full text
Rybak. P.; ...Distribution of Masses and Presses on Axles and Wheels and Vehicles’ Properties10.2478/kones-2019-0017141-146Full text
Serrano B.M.; ...Reducing Pollution Levels Generated by Short Sea Shipping. Use of Bayesian Networks to Analyse the Utilization of Liquefied Natural Gas as an Alternative Fuel10.2478/kones-2019-0018147-158Full text
Skorek, G.Determination of Coefficients of Energy Losses Occurring in a Constant Capacity Pump Working in a Typical Hydrostatic Drive10.2478/kones-2019-0019159-166Full text
Skorupka, Z.; ...Health Monitoring in Landing Gears10.2478/kones-2019-0020167-174Full text
Stalewski, W.; ...Computational Simulation of Fully Trimmed Flight of a Helicopter in Hover10.2478/kones-2019-0021175-182Full text
Sznajder, J.Modelling of Vane and Rotor Blade Rows in Simulations of Gas Turbine Performance10.2478/kones-2019-0022183-190Full text
Wieczorek, A.; ...Operational Problems of Ethylene Transport by LPG Gas Carriers10.2478/kones-2019-0023191-198Full text
Witek, L.; ...Experimental Strength Analysis of Riveted Joints Using Blind Rivets10.2478/kones-2019-0024199-206Full text
Ziegler, B.; ...An Overview of Different Possibilities to Master the Challenge of Coupling an AE-Sensor to an Object of Interest Partly Using Examples of Previous Investigations10.2478/kones-2019-0025207-214Full text