ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2012 | Contents of Volume 19, Number 1:

Ardy, H.; ...The effect of PWHT on weld properties of titanium alloy for refurbishment of aircraft engine exhaust cone10.5604/12314005.11372989-14Full text
Banaszowska, E.; ...Spectroscopic methods in application to oil pollution detection in the sea10.5604/12314005.113729915-20Full text
Błasiński, T.; ...Design of automotive constructions based on interior and body outfit of offroad car10.5604/12314005.113730221-28Full text
Bzura, P.Reliability model of the crankshaft-piston assembly10.5604/12314005.113730329-34Full text
Charchalis, A.Diagnostic and measurement system dedicated for marine engines' exploitatory attributes evaluation10.5604/12314005.113730435-40Full text
Czechowicz, B.Modelling of flight dynamics of an airplane encountering trailing vortices generated by another airplane10.5604/12314005.113730541-50Full text
Czechowski, L.Analysis of thin-walled girders subjected to a pulse torsional torque10.5604/12314005.113730751-62Full text
Dębski, H.Numerical analysis of composite structures with embedded piezoelectric active elements10.5604/12314005.113731163-70Full text
Dębski, H.Numerical fem analysis for the part of composite helicopter rotor blade10.5604/12314005.113731371-78Full text
Drogosz, P.Different types of power transforming machines with rotating pistons10.5604/12314005.113731579-82Full text
Dudzik, K.; ...EIS research of AW-7020 alloy joints welded by MIG10.5604/12314005.113731883-88Full text
Dudziński, P.; ...Directional dynamics problems of an articulated frame steer wheeled vehicles10.5604/12314005.113732189-98Full text
Freda, W.; ...Oil residuals in the sea: comparison its optical features with optical properties of the seawater10.5604/12314005.113732399-104Full text
Gill, A.; ...The concept of identification of layers of safety system models through classification of risk reduction measures10.5604/12314005.1137326105-116Full text
Godzimirski, J.; ...Numerical analysis fiber metal laminates as adhesively bonded structures10.5604/12314005.1137328117-128Full text
Godzimirski, J.; ...The choice of theory for adhesive layer effort10.5604/12314005.113732129-138Full text
Gołębiewski, W.The effect of pressure in a common rail accumulator on engine operating parameters10.5604/12314005.1137330139-146Full text
Górski, Z.; ...Method for determination of energy demand for main propulsion and onboard electric power for modern harbour tug boats by means of statistics10.5604/12314005.1137335147-154Full text
Grochowska, K.A research device to control ignition and injection parameters for a spark-ignition engine10.5604/12314005.1137338155-162Full text
Kalina, P.; ...Procedures & treatments leading to reduction of toxic components emission in diesel engine's exhaust gas10.5604/12314005.1137340163-170Full text
Korta, J.; ...Application of multibody simulation for semitrailer optimization10.5604/12314005.11373171-182Full text
Kosiuczenko, K.; ...Numerical simulation the finite element method (FEM) of stress and strain for the chosen coatings TBCs on turbine blades loaded with laser impulses10.5604/12314005.1137348183-186Full text
Kosiuczenko, K.; ...The numerical - experimental analysis of ablative laser cleaning nickel-based superalloy10.5604/12314005.1137352187-190Full text
Kowalski, J.Laboratory study on influence of air duct throttling on exhaust gas composition in marine four-stroke diesel engine10.5604/12314005.1137353191-198Full text
Kraskowski, M.Application of the rans flow model for the analysis of the motion of floating objects in waves10.5604/12314005.1137355199-206Full text
Krasoń, W.; ...Selected aspects of simulation of multi-module mechanisms with the use of multibody method10.5604/12314005.1137359207-214Full text
Kuranowski, A.Effect of variable input and output on the characteristics of a steering system with eps (electric power system)10.5604/12314005.1137361215-226Full text
Labeckas, G.; ...Combustion, performance and exhaust emissions of the diesel engine operating on jet fuel10.5604/12314005.1137434227-236Full text
Labuda, W.; ...The analysis of finishing tooling influence on corrosion properties researched by EIS10.5604/12314005.1137435237-244Full text
Laskowski, M.Using customized pseudoisochromatic plates for detecting chosen forms of dichromacy10.5604/12314005.1137436245-250Full text
Łazowski, J.; ...Flow analysis of hydraulic poppet control valve by means of computional fluid dynamics10.5604/12314005.1137437251-260Full text
Marciniec, A.; ...Quality control and inspection of bevel gears of the aircraft gearbox utilizing the atos 3D scanner10.5604/12314005.1137438261-266Full text
Mazurkiewicz, Ł.; ...Analysis of selected structural components subjected to blast wave10.5604/12314005.1137439267-272Full text
Merkisz, J.; ...The influence of load vehicles in road tests on the particle matters parameters10.5604/12314005.1137440273-282Full text
Molenda, J.; ...Emissivity of the one-plate lapping machine tool10.5604/12314005.1137441283-288Full text
Mosey, B.; ...A study of combining gasoline engine downsizing and controlled auto-ignition combustion10.5604/12314005.1137442289-300Full text
Nowacki, G.Problems of cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) implementation in European Union10.5604/12314005.1137443301-310Full text
Otremba, Z.New technical uses of marine space of the Baltic Sea10.5604/12314005.1137444311-318Full text
Postrzednik, S.; ...Analysis of the ignition control in the hcci system using dose of monoatomic inert gas10.5604/12314005.1137446319-326Full text
Prajwowski, K.Impact of an External, So Called Box, Module on Power and Torque of the FIAT 1.3 JTD Motor10.5604/12314005.1137448327-332Full text
Preś, P.; ...Modelled phenomenon of burr formation during machining10.5604/12314005.1137449333-338Full text
Rudawska, A.; ...Adhesive bonded hot dip zinc coated sheet and titanium sheet joint strength - numerical analysis10.5604/12314005.1137450339-346Full text
Rychlik, A.; ...The use of a neodymium fatigue testing machine for fatigue strength evaluations10.5604/12314005.1137452347-356Full text
Serdecki, W.; ...How the wear of cylinder liner affects the cooperation of piston-cylinder assembly of ic engine10.5604/12314005.1137453357-364Full text
Sitnik, L.; ...BMD bio-fuel for diesel engines10.5604/12314005.1137454365-370Full text
Staniak, P.; ...Application of green energy for ev battery charging station10.5604/12314005.1137456371-376Full text
Stasrosta, R.Effect of burnishing on surface texture of Ni-Al plasma sprayed coatings10.5604/12314005.1137457377-384Full text
Stelmaszewski, A.Ship as a source of the sea pollution with oil10.5604/12314005.1137458385-390Full text
Stembalski, M.; ...Numerical model of fricional damper for glas-making robot lance10.5604/12314005.1137459391-398Full text
Szurgott, P.; ...CI Engine as a Case Study of Thermomechanical FE Analysis of the Piston - Piston Rings - Cylinder System10.5604/12314005.1137461399-406Full text
Szurgott, P.; ...Numerical Analysis of a Shaped Rail Pad Under Selected Static Load10.5604/12314005.1137462407-414Full text
Szymczyk, E.; ...Friction Coefficient Determination Based on the Results of Ball on Flat Test10.5604/12314005.1137463415-422Full text
Szymczyk, E.; ...Some Aspects of Dynamic Riveting Simulations10.5604/12314005.1137465423-430Full text
Świderski, W.; ...Non-Standard Methods of Data Processing in Thermographic Non-Destructive Testing of Light Ballistic Protections10.5604/12314005.1137460431-440Full text
Tengler, S.; ...Ways of Uneven Road Surface Modelling Used in the Vehicle Dynamics Analysis10.5604/12314005.1137466441-452Full text
Tora, G.Simulations of the Active Cab Suspension10.5604/12314005.1137469453-464Full text
Tutak, W.; ...CFD Modeling of Thermal Cycle of Supercharged Compression Ignition Engine10.5604/12314005.1137470465-472Full text
Warda, B.; ...Decreasing of Movalbe Masses in Valve Timing Using Roller Tappet10.5604/12314005.1137471473-480Full text
Wierzcholski K.The Lipschitz Picard Successive Step Method in Hydrodynamic Lubrication Problem10.5604/12314005.1137474481-488Full text
Żmudka, Z.Late Intake Valve Closing as a Way of the Throttleless Control of Si Engine Load10.5604/12314005.1137475489-500Full text