ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2009 | Contents of Volume 16, Number 4:

Bar, W.; ...Design-Point, Off-Design Meanline Performance Analysis and CFD Computations of the Axial Turbine to Micro Gasturbine EngineFull text
Borkowski, W.; ...Dynamic Load in Operation of High-Speed Tracked VehiclesFull text
Budzik, G.; ...Rapid Prototyping Process of Monocrystal Aircraft Engine BladesFull text
Charchalis, A.; ...Determination Methodology of the Amount of Steam Produced in the Exhaust Gas Boiler for the Contemporary Container Vessels in a Preliminary StageFull text
Charchalis, A.; ...Knowledge Acquisition from Database for Marine Diesel Engine DiagnosisFull text
Charchalis, A.; ...Estimation of the Influance of Passes Number Burnishing Tool on Ships Pumps Shafts Surface Layers Strengthening and Roughness ChangesFull text
Ciszek, K.; ...Supercharging without a Compressor of Stepless Compression Combustion EngineFull text
Danilecki, K.Assumptions of a Method Estimation for Adjustments Charakteristics of an Engine and Turbo–Compressor Set in Sequential TurbochargingFull text
Drąg, Ł.Influence of Parametrization of Vehicle Dynamic Properties in the Microscopic Flow Model on the Computational Car Exhaust EmissionFull text
Filipek, P.; ...Structural Solutions of Driving System and Sets Remotely Controlled Vehicle to the Inspection of Ventilating PipesFull text
Flekiewicz, M.; ...The Identification of Piston-Cylinder Clearance Using Time-Frequency MethodsFull text
Flekiewicz, M.; ...An Attempt of Exhaust Gases Composition Prediction in SI Engines Powered by Petrol and Gaseous FuelsFull text
Frankowski, J.Movement of Four-Axle Vehicle with All Wheel Steering System During CorneringFull text
Fülep, T.; ...On Safety and Dependability of Automotive Engineering Regarding Applicable Tools and LegislationFull text
Gadalińska, E.; ...Residual Stresses Measurements with X-Ray Diffractometry on Aluminum Specimens – Determination of the Most Suitable Parameters of MeasurementFull text
Gardulski, J.Measuring Head for Operational Testing of Car Suspension Systems with Vibroacoustics MethodsFull text
Giernalczyk, M.; ...New Generation of LNG RV Gas CarriersFull text
Hejwowski, T.; ...Effect of Thermal Barrier Coating on Temperature and Stress Distribution in Diesel EngineFull text
Herdzik, J.Proposals and Possibilities of Unconventional Thrusters Applications for Ship PropulsionFull text
Iskra, A.; ...Lubricating Oil Consumption at Low TemperaturesFull text
Jakubowski, R.Analysis of Thermodynamic Cycle Influence of Turbofan Mixer Engine on Its PerformanceFull text
Jamrozik, A.; ...Indication Errors of Engine with Two Stage Combustion SystemFull text
Janicka, A.; ...Toxicity of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Pahs) in Diesel ExhaustsFull text
Jankowski, A.; ...High-Quality Silumin on Pistons of Combustion EnginesFull text
Jantos, J.; ..."Off Road" Vehicles in the Aspect of Future Emission Exhaust Quality StandardsFull text
Jaroszczyk, T.; ...Recent Development in Heavy Duty Engine Air Filtration and the Role of Nanofiber Filter MediaFull text
Kaźmierczak, A.; ...Comparison of Dynamic Loads Four-Cylindre and Six-Cylindre Combustion Engine with Similar Work IndicatorsFull text
Kolanek, Cz.; ...The Effect of Water Addition in Emulsion Fuel on Nitric Oxides Concentration in Diesel Engine ExhaustsFull text
Koszałka, G.; ...Effect of Friction Force Determination Method on Results Obtained from Model of Gas Flow from Combustion Chamber to The CrankcaseFull text
Karson, W.; ...Numerical Testing of Landing Gear System for Different Drop VelocitiesFull text
Labuda, R.; ...Vehicle Braking Parameters Influencing FactorsFull text
Lebedevas, S.; ...The Method of Simultaneous Parametric Analysis of the In-Cylinder Processes and Thermal Load on Diesel Piston UnitsFull text
Leżański, T.; ...Using of High Speed Photography to Research of Ignition Process in SI Engines with Semi Open Combustion ChamberFull text
Leżański, T.; ...Research of Influence of Design Parameters on Combustion System Operation for SI EnginesFull text
Łupicka, O.; ...The Materials Engineering Contribution in Microbearing LubricationFull text
Lus, T.Marine Diesel Engine Valve Gear Mechanism Diagnostics ProblemsFull text
Łutowicz, M.Analysis of Application of Chosen Methods for TDC Determination in Marine Diesel EnginesFull text
Madej, H.; ...IC Engine Valve Fault Detection Using Energy Distribution of Different Resolution Levels of DWT as a Input Data to PNN ClassifierFull text
Matocha, K.; ...The Evaluation of Materials Properties of In-Service Components by Small Punch TestsFull text
Mendera, K. Z.; ...Fast Heat Release Analysis for Spark Ignition EngineFull text
Mitaniec, W.Heat Recovery System in a Future Diesel Particie FilterFull text
Molenda, J.; ...Analysis of Mathematical Model Describing a Problem of Temperature Rise During One – Sided Surface LappingFull text
Morka, A.; ...Numerical Study of the Shape Effect in the Ceramic Based Ballistic PanelsFull text
Mysłowski, J.Correction General Proficiency of Engine Driving Heavy Loaded TruckFull text
Oleszczak, P.; ...Experimental Research on Influence of Geometrical Configuration on High Pressure Hydrogen Outflow IgnitionFull text
Pająk, M.; ...Maintenance Strategy by Controlled Consumption of Operational PotentialFull text
Ambrozik, A.; ...Investigation on the Improoving of Ice Energy Conversion Efficiency at Different Engine LoadFull text
Reksa, M.The Application of Non-Converted Vegetable Oils in Contemporary Self-Ignition EnginesFull text
Różycki, A.Knock Combustion in Dual Fuel Turbocharged Compression Ignition EnginesFull text
Rusin, M.Comparison of Unburnt Hydrocarbon Emissions for Diesel Engines Fueled by Diesel Oil and Rapeseed FuelFull text
Sendyka, B.; ...Simulation of the Fuel Stream Injection in Wall Guided in Spark Ignition EngineFull text
Ambrozik, A.; ...Model Investigation of Piston Ring-Cylinder Liner Collaboration on a High Power EngineFull text
Siczek, K.; ...Properties and Research Direction for Lightweight Valves of Valve Timing in Combustion EngineFull text
Sieminska, B.; ...Coefficient of Thermal Expansion as a Component Quality Estimation of Alloys on Pistons of Combustion EngineFull text
Sikora, J.; ...Mechanism of the Fatigue Cracks Development in Bearing Slide LayerFull text
Sitnik, L. J.Cumulated LPG Consumption Suplied of Cars EngineesFull text
Smoczek, J.; ...Pole Placement Approach to Discrete and Neuro-Fuzzy Crane Control System PrototypingFull text
Szwaja, S.; ...Hydrogen Rich Gases Combustion in the IC EngineFull text
Szymczyk, E.; ...Comparison of the Dynamic Riveting Process of a Rivet with and without a CompensatorFull text
Ubysz, A.; ...Examinations of Effective Efficiency of a Car Engine in Non-Stationary Work Conditions from Torque LoadFull text
Ubysz, A.; ...Analysis of Operating Conditions and Emissions of the Selected Components of Exhaust Gas During SI Engine Braking PhaseFull text
Voženílek, R.; ...Hydraulic Circuit Control of a Steer by Wire SystemFull text
Wierzcholski, K.Fuzzy Logic in Micro-Bearing SystemsFull text
Wierzcholski, K.; ...New Ideas of Micro-Bearings LubricationFull text
Wierzcholski, K.; ...A Study on the Adhesion at a Micro- and Nano-LubricationFull text
Wiśniowski, W.Resonance Tests - Vibration Mode Shapes from the Wing Torsion GroupFull text
Witkowski, K.; ...Research on Influence of Selected Failures on the Exhaust Gas Content of Ship Diesel Engine Working on Heavy Fuel OilFull text
Woropay, M.; ...Giving Prognosis for the Chosen Features of the Operation and Maintenance System Based on Model InvestigationsFull text
Zbierski, K.; ...The Necessity for Using of Valves Made of Light Materials in Camless Valve Timing of Internal Combustion EnginesFull text
Jankowski, A.; ...Some Aspects Using of Micro Emulsion Fuel-Water for Supply of Combustion EnginesFull text