ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2009 | Contents of Volume 16, Number 3:

Balawender, K.; ...The Effect of Some Parameters of Injector Control Signal on Fuel Injection Process in the Common Rail SystemFull text
Błachnio, J.; ...Computer Aided Visual Inspection Of The Technical Condition Of Gas Turbine Blades During Their Operation PeriodFull text
Blažek, J.; ...Simulation Model of Combustion Engine with Direct Injection of HydrogenFull text
Borecki, D.; ...Cold Start Control of the SI Engine Supplied with HydrogenFull text
Borkowski, W.; ...Selection of Elastic Suspension Elements for the Special Use VehicleFull text
Borkowski, T.; ...In Cylinder Pressure Assessment from Marine Diesel EngineFull text
Brabec, P.; ...Action of Force in Steering Mechanisms of Vehicles in an Experimental Laboratory EstablishmentFull text
Budzik, G.; ...Number of measurement cycles and accuracy of engine indication processFull text
Bzura, P.; ...Method of Identification of the Slide Tribological System Top Layer Condition by Assessment of the T-02 Four-Ball Tester Friction Node OperationFull text
Charchalis, A.; ...Electric Power of Contemporary Container Vessels in a Preliminary StageFull text
Drąg, Ł.; ...Assigment of Maximal Acceleration of a Car as a Function of Some Independent VariablesFull text
Dudzik, K.; ...Influence of Friction Stir Welding on Impact Resistance of AlZn5Mg1 Alloy JointsFull text
Filipczyk, J.; ...The Influence of Technical Conditions and the Age Structure of Vehicles on Traffic EmissionFull text
Filipek, P.; ...Implementation of Modern Electronic Subsets under Construction and Control with a Wireless Inspection VehicleFull text
Giernalczyk, M.; ...Development Trends of LNG Gas CarriersFull text
Górski, Z.; ...Proposal of Ecological Propulsion for Seagoing ShipsFull text
Hejwowski, T.; ...Investigations into the Degradation Mechanism of Thermal Barrier Applied in IC EngineFull text
Jankowski, K.S.; ...The Role of Individual Differences and Circadian Rhythms in Human Attention in Road Transport SafetyFull text
Jankowski, A.Study of the Influence of Different Factors on Combustion Processes (Part Two)Full text
Jaworski, A.; ...Problems of Fuel Consumption Measurements in Research of Liquid Phase LPG Injection EngineFull text
Kalina, P.; ...Blade Piston CompressorFull text
Koszałka, G.; ...Comperative Analysis of Emision from Engine Fuelled with Diesel and Bio-DieselFull text
Kowalewicz, A.Compressed Natural Gas Engines. A ReviewFull text
Krason, W.; ...Experimental Verification of Numerical Test Results for a Double Multi- Leaf SpringFull text
Kruczyński, S. W.; ...Influence of the Composition of Microemulsive Fuel Hydrocarbon-Ester-Ethanol on Chosen Parameters of Diesel Engines Combustion ProcessFull text
Lawniczak, S.; ...Research on Wheeled Armoured Fighting Vehicle in Curvilinear MotionFull text
Leżański, T.; ...Research of Combustion System with Semi-Open Combustion Chamber in a Commercial Spark Ignition EngineFull text
Lubas, J.Tribological Properties of Surface Layer with BoronFull text
Łukjanow, S.; ...Investigations of Electric Field Strength (in EMC Context) in Chosen Vehicles Exposed to Electromagnetic FieldFull text
Marciniec, A.; ...The Bendig and Contact Stress Analysis of Spur GearsFull text
Marczuk, A.Evaluating the Working Efficiency of Transportation Means at Meat Processing WorksFull text
Mitianiec, W.; ...A Valved Two Stroke Engine as a New Power SourceFull text
Monieta, J.Monieta, J.Full text
Muślewski, Ł.Control Method for Transport System Operational QualityFull text
Niezgoda, T.Aluminium Foam Testing for Impact Energy Absorption AimsFull text
Nita, J.; ...Estimation of Usefulness of HFM-5 Air-Mass Meter for Forecast Cycle Filling up of SI EngineFull text
Pézsa, N.; ...Comparison of Different Vehicles Driven by Alternative Fuels and Hybrid Driveline Focusing on Emission, Efficiency and EconomyFull text
Piętak, A.; ...Dual-Fuel Feeding Diesel Engine Behind Assistance CNG with Liquid Dose Piloting Fuel RenewableFull text
Pukalskas, S.; ...The Influence of Diesel Engine's Thermal Condition on Fuel Consumption and Smoke of Exhaust GasesFull text
Rudnicki, J.Assesment of Operation of Ship Main Diesel Engine Using the Theory of Semi-Markovian and Markov ProcessesFull text
Rychter, M.Level of Implementation of Digital Tachographs System in European UnionFull text
Adamski, W.; ...Simulation of Non-Steady-State Curvilinear Vehicle MotionFull text
Siczek, K.; ...The Control of Valve Timing with Magnetoelectric ActuatorsFull text
Sitnik, L.J.Analysis of Mileage to Engine Oil Removing in the Natural Exploitation of Passenger CarsFull text
Śmieja, M.Car Assembly Management with CanFull text
Sobola, M.; ...Preliminary Research of Prototypes Helical Gears for Power Transmission SystemsFull text
Starosta, A.Application of Bayesion Network to Estimate Merchant Ship Usability for Sar ActionFull text
Stoeck, T.Improvement Selected Working Parameters of the Engine Turbocharging with Rotational Combustion Chamber Supplied with The Rapeseed Fuel by The Change of Nominal SettingFull text
Szpytko, J.; ...Reverse Engineering Vision Technique Applying in Transport SystemsFull text
Szydłowski, T.Experimental Verification of the Model of Electrohydraulic Drive for Internal Combustion Engine ValvesFull text
Szymczyk, W.; ...Numerical Analysis of an Open Cell Foam Structure with the Use of Models Based on Solid Finite ElementsFull text
Szymczyk, E.; ...Comparison of the Dynamic Riveting Process of a Rivet with and without a CompensatorFull text
Tomaszek, H.; ...A Probabilistic Method of Determining Fatigue Life of a Structural Component Using the Paris Formula and The Probability Density Function of Time of Exceeding The Boundary Condition – an OutlineFull text
Tomczuk, P.Lighting of Tram’s Foreground with the Use of Head and Low Beam Lights – ResearchFull text
Typiak, A.Remote-Controlled Vehicle for Removal of DisastersFull text
Ubysz, A.Engine Performance Maps in Nonstationary Operating Conditions of Car EngineFull text
Ujsaghy, Z.Disposal of Automobile Shredder Residue, Considering Mixed Plastic Part of the Light FractionFull text
Ułanowicz, L.; ...Outline of a Model for Flow of Inhomogeneous Working Fluids via an IntersticeFull text
Wierzcholski, K.The Methodology of Slide Micro-Bearings LubricationFull text
Wierzcholski, K.; ...Network Analysis for Artificial Intelligent Micro-Bearing SystemsFull text
Wierzcholski, K.; ...Adhesion and Capilarity in Micro-Bearing LubricationFull text
Wirkowski, P.; ...Work Parameters of the Gas Turbine Engine During the Change of Flow Passage Geometry on The Inlet of Axial CompressorFull text
Woropay, M.; ...Markov’s Model of Means of Transport Operation and Maintenance in a City Transport SystemFull text
Zbierski, K.; ...Motion Properties of Hydraulically Actuated Valve TrainFull text
Żurek, J.Analysis of the Process of Operating an Aircraft from Aspect of Flight Safety and EffectivenessFull text