ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2009 | Contents of Volume 16, Number 1:

Kałdoński, T.Educational and Scientific Activity of Institute of Motor Vehicles and Transportation Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Military University of TechnologyFull text
Lukjanow, S.; ...Project of the Evaluation and Classification System of Vehicles and Automobile Devices in Aspect of Elctromagnetic CompatibilityFull text
Barnat, W.; ...Composite-Polymer Materials for Energy-Absorbing StructuresFull text
Bienczak, K.; ...Elaboration of Concept of Road Vehicles Transporting Dangerous Goods in Controlled TemperaturesFull text
Bogdanowicz, Z.; ...Investigating the Effects of Laser Stellite Pad Welding on the Service Properties of Valve SteelsFull text
Borkowski, W.; ...Test of Impact Resistance of Tracked Combat VehicleFull text
Borkowski, W.; ...Traction Properties of the Tracked Combat Vehicle at Lowered Power of the Driving EngineFull text
Chodkiewicz, K.PT-91M. What Polish Army Thinks Abort this?Full text
Cypko, E.Analysis of Pin’s Surface Layer Structure Influence on Interaction with Sliding Couple Elements Using GRPFull text
Czabanowski, R.Analysis of the Loads on Power Transmission System of Undercarriages with Elastomer TracksFull text
Dudzinski, P.; ...Innovative Methods of Motion Stability Improvement in Articulated Rigid Frames Vehicles on Wheeled ChassisFull text
Dziubak, T.; ...Technical Evaluation of APC ChassisFull text
Fedyanov, E.; ...Fuel Feed to Disel at a Start RegimeFull text
Figurski, J.; ...Feasibility of Elaboration of MLRS – P Rocket System within Polish Military IndustryFull text
Fijalkowski, B.; ...A Mathematical Model of the Sprocket - Tensioner and/or Road – Wheel - Hub Motor/Generator for the Intelligent Main Battle TankFull text
Gocman, K.; ...Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Tribology – Prediction and Classification ModelsFull text
Godzhaev, Z.; ...The Influence of Jet Links’ Parameters on The Stress Loading of Tractor’s Power Train SitesFull text
Grzegozek, W.Ecological City Car, Concepts, Design, and RealizationFull text
Grzegozek, W.; ...An Attempt of an Employment of a Continuous Wavelet Transform for Evaluation of Temporary Comfort DisturbancesFull text
Guzek, M.; ...Research on Behaviour of Drivers in Accident Situation Conducted in Driving SimulatorFull text
Guzek, M.Simulation Method of Car Motion Reconstruction Based on ADR/EDR Device RecordsFull text
Hadayo, A.; ...The Use of Life Support System (LSS) Within Modern Armoured VehicleFull text
Ivantsov, V.; ...Special Features of Dynamic Design of a Tractor TrackFull text
Jankowski, A.Study of the Influence of Different Factors on Combustion Processes (Part One)Full text
Jasinski, R.Determination of Ability of Machines with Hydraulic Drive During Start-up in Low Ambient TemperaturesFull text
Jaskiewicz, M.; ...The Identification of Damping and Stiffness Parameters of a Driver Model on the Basis of Crash TestsFull text
Kaldonski, T. J.; ...The Energetic – Superficial and Lubricity Properties of Petroleum Products and Ionic LiquidsFull text
Karczewski, M.; ...Investigation of Diesel Engine with the Supply System Type Common Rail Supplied Fuel F-34 and BiofuelFull text
Kolinski, K.; ...Examinations of the Influence of Heating up the Catalytic Reactor on the Toxic Fume Component Emission During a Cold Start-up of the Self-Ignition EngineFull text
Konczewicz, W.; ...Behavior of the Exhaust Valve Cladding Face Under the Service ConditionsFull text
Kosiara, A.The Impact of Selected Structural Parameters in Unsprung Industrial Vehicles on their Longitudinal OscillationsFull text
Kowalczyk, S.; ...The Physical Model of Changes Setting in Multilayer BearingsFull text
Krol, A.; ...The Research of Oil Properties after Durability Tests of Porous BearingsFull text
Kuzmin, A.; ...Technique of Designing of Releasable Threaded Connections of Autotractor TechnicsFull text
Luty, W.An Analysis of Tire Relaxation Process During Dynamic Changes of Cornering AgleFull text
Lukjanow, S.; ...Research of Influence of Change of Temperature Mode on Elastic-Dissipative Properties of SuspensionsFull text
Markiewicz, K.; ...Modality of Combat Vehicles Design Using Multi-Function Combat Platform as an ExampleFull text
Mezyk, A.; ...Hybrid Drive Application for High-Speed Tracked VehicleFull text
Misiak, J.; ...Analysis the Dynamic Stability of PlateFull text
Napadlek, W.Ablative Laser Cleaning of MaterialsFull text
Nogowczyk, P.; ...Evaluation of the Correctness of Performance of Typical Vehicle Drive Manoeuvres vs. Steering EffortFull text
Smoczynski, M.; ...Model of Hydraulic Single-Acting Drive for Valves of Internal Combustion EngineFull text
Papacz, W.Basic Dynamic Parameters of Composite Leaf SpringsFull text
Paplinski, K. M.Mathematical Model of the Main Battle Tank Witch Stabilized Turret and GunFull text
Pasieka, D.MS20 Vehicle Bridge (Bridge on Vehicle Chassis)Full text
Pobedin, A.; ...Statistical Analysis of GAZ-3110 Vehicles NoiseFull text
Podzorov, A.; ...The Optimal Control of the Multidimensional System at Stochastic ExcitationFull text
Romaniszyn, K. M.Driving Stability of a Vehicle with High Center of Gravity During Road Tests on a Circular Path and Single Lane-ChangeFull text
Sieminska-Jankowska, B.Preliminary Research Novel Composite Materials with Small Hysteresis and High Functional Parameters for Combustion Engines PistonsFull text
Siminski, P.; ...Experimental Verification of the Model Assigned for Wheeled Armoured Fighting Vehicle TestingFull text
Siminski, P.; ...Model Research on Wheeled Armoured Fighting Vehicle Oriented to Traffic Safety ImprovementFull text
Smoczynski, M.; ...Model of Hydraulic Single-Acting Drive for Valves of Internal Combustion EngineFull text
Stanczyk, T. L.; ...The Research on Drivers' Behaviour on a Car Track in a Simulated Accident SituationFull text
Slavutskiy, V.; ...The Study of non Traditional Dosing Method of the Cycle Fuel Feed in DieselFull text
Slavutskiy, V.; ...Study of Diesel Fuel Feed System with Divided Processes of Forcing and Dosing outFull text
Sydor, M.; ...Specifics of the Utilisation of a Motorcar by a Person with a Locomotive DisabilityFull text
Szydlowski, T.; ...Model of Hydraulic Double-Acting Drive for Valves of Internal Combustion EngineFull text
Tutaj, J.A Mathematical Model of the Generator/Starter for Automotive VehiclesFull text
Varfolomeyev, V.; ...Agency Suspensions of a Back Idler on Angular Oscillations of a Tractor with the Triangular Caterpillar ContourFull text
Vasilyev, A.; ...The Method for Reliability Estimation of the Machine Elements Under Low Temperature ConditionsFull text
Vasilyev, A.; ...Improvement of the Internal Combustion Engine Cam-Tappet Pair Characteristics Using Numerical Step-by-Step Cam Design MethodFull text
Weglowski, M. St.; ...Effect of Welding Parameters on Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of AL 2024 Joints Produced by Friction Stir WeldingFull text
Wojciechowski, Ł.; ...The Preparation of Surface Layer of Non-Alloyed Steel to Cooperation with Lubricating MediumFull text
Wysocki, J.; ...A Numerical Analysis of a Double Multi-Leaf Spring ModelFull text
Wysocki, T.; ...Aspects of APC ROSOMAK Exploitation System EvaluationFull text
Zablocki, M.; ...PErgonomy of the Inside of a Motorcar Cabin Used by a Person With Locomotive Disability - Case Study Part I. Anthropometric analysisFull text
Zablocki, M.; ...Ergonomy of the Inside of a Motorcar Cabin Used by a Person With Locomotive Disability - Case Study Part II. Investigations of the subjective discomfort sensationFull text
Zardecki, D.Sensitivity Analysis of Steering System ModelFull text
Walentynowicz, J.Influence of the Coolant Temperature on Emission of Toxic Compound and Engine Work ParametersFull text
Wisniowski, W.Untypical Cases and Incorrect Results of Vibration TestsFull text