ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2007 | Contents of Volume 14, Number 4:

Jankowski, A.Professor Jerzy Jazwinski's Contribution for Science and Technology on Reliability, Safety and Transport in the New Century (Prof. Jerzy Jazwinski Festschrift)Full text
Jaźwiński, J.Polish School of Reliability and SafetyFull text
Borkowski, W.; ...Methodology of Selection of Vibration Isolators’ Optimum Characteristics for Fastening Additional Equipment in VehiclesFull text
Borkowski, W.; ...Passive Protection of Special VehiclesFull text
Dąbrowski, Z.; ...Identification of the Ship’s Hull Impact Load on the Base of The Power Transmission System’s Vibrations MeasurementsFull text
Godzajew, Z. A.; ...Dynamic Model with Reaction Nodes of Tracked Agricultural TractorFull text
Gardulski, J.Comparison of Analyses Methods - Continuous Wavelet Transform and Wigner-Ville’a Transform in Vehicle Shock Absorber DiagnosticFull text
Girtler, J.Concept for Interpretation and Assessment of Slide Bearings Operation in Diesel Engines in Probabilistic ApproachFull text
Glinka, W.; ...Investigation of Combustion Process in Rapid Compression Machine Using High Speed Schlieren PhotographyFull text
Hac, B.; ...IMOR Survey Vessel Diesel-Electric System AdvantagesFull text
Jakubowski, R.Investigation of the Turbofan with Mixer Engine Model Sensitivity of Thermal-Flow Processes Modification in the Engine’s ComponentsFull text
Janicka, A.; ...Inert Catalyst in Compression Ignition Engine - VOC’s EmissionFull text
Jankowski, A.; ...Novel Method Appointing of the Effective Heat Release Coefficient during Combustion Process Based on Real Indicator DiagramFull text
Karczewski, M.Algorithms of the SW -680 Engine Electronic GovernorFull text
Karim, G. A.Hydrogen as an Engine Fuel Some Pros and ConsFull text
Karim, G. A.The Onset of Knock in Gas Fueled Spark Ignition Engines Prediction and ExperimentFull text
Kolanek, Cz.; ...Examination of the Effects of Water Presence in Fuel on Toxicity Indices of a Compression-Ignition EngineFull text
Koszałka, G.; ...Wear Profile of the Cylinder Liner in a Motor Truck Diesel EngineFull text
Kowalczyk, S.Development Tendency the Materials Used in Slide Bearings the Combustion EnginesFull text
Kowalski, J.Thermal State Simulation for Cylinder of Marine Two-Stroke EngineFull text
Kozicka, A.; ...Articulated Tool-Carriers Safety of Movement in Lateral Stability and Standard Requirements Point of ViewFull text
Krasoń, W.Numerical Studies of The Truck SuspensionFull text
Kruczyński, S.; ...Active Metod of Three way Catalyst Monitoring by use of Wideband Combustion Mixture Composition SensorFull text
Krzymień, A.; ...Application of Aluminum Alloys for Combustion Engine BearingsFull text
Lus, T.Contemporary Diagnostic and Tuning Methods for Marine Diesel EnginesFull text
Majerczyk, A.; ...Estimation Problems of Pollutants Emission from the Vehicles Exhaust System in the Real Road Traffic ConditionsFull text
Mendera, K. Z.Carnotization of the Power Cycle of Internal Combustion Reciprocating EngineFull text
Mitianiec, W.; ...Controlling of the Work of the High Charged SI Engines with Direct Injection of Compressed Natural GasFull text
Napadłek, W.Laser Ablation Microprocessing of Elements of Internal Combustion EngineFull text
Napadłek, W.; ...Technological Tests of Laser Pad Welding of Exhaust Valves of Aircraft EngineFull text
Niculescu, A.I.Design Solutions and Active Safety Increasing for “VZN” Shock AbsorbersFull text
Niezgoda, T.; ...Numerical-Experimental Investigation of Failure Energy of Composite Energy Absorbing PanelsFull text
Nita, J.; ...Synthesis and Estimation of Cycle-To-Cycle air-Fuel Mixture Composition Quality Control in a Spark Ignition EngineFull text
Olszewski, W.; ...Analysis Spectrum Absorbtion of Used Lotos Synthetic SAE 5W/40 API SJ/CF/EC OILFull text
Pawleski, Z.; ...Influence of Steering Course of CVT To Diesel Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Emission at ECE CycleFull text
Polak, F.; ...Problems of Units Selection of Propulsion System for Small Unmanned Tactical VehicleFull text
Żmudka, Z.; ...Catalytic Reactor as a Resistance Element of ice Exhaust SystemFull text
Prywer, J.; ...Droplet Size Dispersion in the Spray Cone of Jet-Swirl AtomizersFull text
Przybyła, G.; ...The Influence of Load Parameters on Unrepeatability of Working Cycles at Low SI Engine SpeedFull text
Radkowski, S.; ...Use of Vibroacoustic Diagnostics in Technical State Assessment: a Bayesian ApproachFull text
Reszka, K.; ...Catalytic Properties of Hybrid Alumina-Pt Films Produced on FeCrAl Steel in a Comparison Test on 2-Methylol-3Butyn-2-Ol Conversion and Oxidation of CyclohexaneFull text
Sendyka, B.; ...The Influence of Spray Guided Charge on Possibility of Stratified Mixture Formation in SI Gasoline Direct Injection EngineFull text
Sendyka, B.; ...Total Efficiency of Adjustable Compression Ratio SI EngineFull text
Serdecki, W.; ...Variability of the Resistance to Motion at Engine Crank-Piston SetFull text
Sieminska, B.; ...Novel Engine Design of Higher EfficiencyFull text
Sikora, J.; ...Some Problems of Slide Bearing Material Fatigue EvaluationFull text
Sikora, J.; ...Selected Problems of Experimental Investigation of Dynamically Loaded Journal BearingsFull text
Sobolak, M.Experimental Method of Tooth Contact Analysis (TCA) Under Load Using Rapid Prototyping (RP)Full text
Sroka, Z. J.; ...An Effect of Physical & Chemical Properties of Commercial Diesel Fuels on Engine ParametersFull text
Stelmasiak, Z.Some Aspects of Dual Fuelling of the Middle Class Modern CI EnginesFull text
Stępień, Z.; ...Development of "CEC" Engine Test Methods for Fuels Performance EvaluationFull text
Stoeck, T.; ...Affect of Change of Regulating Parameters on Course of External Surface Characteristics of Unitary Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Gases Smokiness of JK Type Engine Supplied With RMEFull text
Szczęch, L.Conception of a Vehicle Powered by Fuel CellFull text
Szczepaniak, C.Cars in the Future Years of the 21ST CenturyFull text
Walentynowicz, J.The Test Stand for Investigation of Cooling Systems of Combustion EnginesFull text
Walentynowicz, J.Investigation of the Vapour Cooling System on the Test StandFull text
Wierzcholski, K.Boundary Conditions for Friction Forces in Future BearingFull text
Wierzcholski, K.; ...Friction on the Bio-Cell Surfaces as a Contribution in Microbearing TribologyFull text
Wiśniowski, W.World Competitiveness-Today’s Challenge for Polish Research InstitutesFull text
Witkowski, K.Researches of Possibilities of Lowering the Toxicity of Ship Diesel Engine Exhaust Gasses by Changing the Chosen Control ParametersFull text
Woropay, M.; ...Vehicle Operator as a Threat SourceFull text
Woropay, M.; ...Means of Transport Repairs Efficiency Analysis and Assessment MethodFull text
Woźniak, A.; ...Research on Resistance to Oxidation and Thermal Shocks of Laser Generated Stellite Padding Weld in the Zone of a Faying Surface of Exhaust Valves of The Piston Aircraft EngineFull text
Zawadzki, A.; ...Researches of Axially Symmetrical Model Plasma Reactor to Cleaning Diesel Exhaust Gas of ParticulatesFull text
Ziegler, B.Contribution of Acoustic Emission into Optimal Bearing LubricationFull text
Ziegler, B.; ...Acoustic Emission as a Friction Force Indicator after Test Stands ExperimentsFull text
Kozicka, A.; ...Research and Shaping Lateral Stability of Articulated Wheeled Tool-Carriers – Model InvestigationsFull text