ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2007 | Contents of Volume 14, Number 2:

Ambrozik, A.; ...Theoretical and Real Working Cycle of Four Stroke Piston EngineFull text
Baczewski, K.Interaction Testing of Rapeseed Methyl Esters and Their Blends with Diesel fuel on ElastomersFull text
Baczewski, K.; ...Investigation of Impacting of Aging Processes on Properties of BiodieselFull text
Bogdanowicz, Z.; ...Oil Microcontainers – Laser Drilling Method and Application TestsFull text
Borkowski, T.Marine Diesel Engine Combustion Influenced by Injection Nozzle and Primary Fuel AtomizationFull text
Brzozowska, L.; ...An influence of Traffic Produced Turbulence on Car Exhaust Pollutant ConcentrationFull text
Budzik, G.Surface Roughness of Aircraft Engine Blade Models Produced with Various Methods of Rapid PrototypingFull text
Budzik, G.; ...Prototyping of Bevel Gears of Aircraft Power TransmissionFull text
Bzura, P.Lubricity-Based Estimation of the Changes in the Brake Fluid QualityFull text
Chachurski, R.Powerplants of Tactical Unmanned Aerial VehiclesFull text
Charchalis, A.Diagnosing Elements of Ship Propulsion of Vibration MeasurementFull text
Cypko, E.; ...Possibility of Assessment of Elements Interaction Dynamics Change in Frictional Contact with Triboelectrical Effects UsedFull text
Domański, R.; ...Influence of Cooling air Mass Flux Variation on the Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient of HPT Rotor DiskFull text
Dziubak, T.The Research of Air Filtration Process on Paper Partition in the “Cyclone – Porous Partition” SystemFull text
Figurski, J.; ...Fighting Means Quality and Military Vehicle LoadFull text
Flekiewicz, M.; ...Spatial-Phase Selection of Diesel Engine Vibroacoustic Signal for Piston Slap DiagnosticFull text
Frączek, K. S.The Safety Factor Determination of Composites Structure Cabin of "I – 23 Manager" Airplane for Loads During TurnoverFull text
Giernalczyk, M.Analysis Possibilities of cost Reduction Related to Boil-off Fuel Gas Being Carried on LNG Gas CarriersFull text
Glugorijevic, R.; ...The Influence of fuel Aromatics on Diesel Exhaust EmissionFull text
Gocman, K.; ...Modeling of Moment of Friction Under Increasing Load Using Artificial Neural NetworksFull text
Górski, Z.; ...Proposal of Turbine Propulsion For a New Generation Liquefied Natural Gas Carrier With a Capacity of 250 000 - 300 000 CBMFull text
Hlavňa, V.; ...Ice with a Non-Conventional Cooling System Temperature MappingFull text
Ignaciuk, P.; ...Analysis of Changes of Lubrication oil Properties Under the Influence of Frequent Engine START-UPSFull text
Ivanović, G.; ...Reliability Design of Power TransmissionFull text
Jackowski, J.; ...Estimation of Possibilities of a Military Vehicle Type Recognition on The Basis of Ground Vibrations Independently Upon Vehicle SpeedFull text
Jaskólski, J.; ...Balancing of Turbocharger RotorsFull text
Kałdoński, T.Tribology for Construction and Maintanance of Machines and Technical DevicesFull text
Kaźmierczak, A.; ...Numeric Calculation Process of Expression Springy Piston's Ring from Steel TapeFull text
Kaźmierczak, A.; ...Diagnosis of Injection Pump Defects by Vibration Analysys in High Pressure Fuel Injected EnginesFull text
Kończewicz, W.; ...Effect of Tungsten Content on the Corrosion Resisntance of the Cobalt Base PTA Cladding LayersFull text
Kotnarowska, D.; ...Nanotechnology Application to Automotive Coating ManufacturingFull text
Kowalak, P.The Dynamic TDC Assigning on the Marine four Stroke Engine’s Indication DiagramFull text
Kowalczyk, S.Development tendency the materials used in slide bearings the combustion enginesFull text
Kowalewicz, A.; ...Natural Gas Engines – Problems and ChallengesFull text
Luty, W.; ...An Analysis of Run-Flat Tire Radial FlexibilityFull text
Mamala, J.; ...The System of Supercharging for the Spark-Ignition EngineFull text
Marczuk, A.Methodologic Conditioning of Transport OptimizationFull text
Markowski, T.; ...Reverse Engineering Data Processing of Gear-Wheel for fem AnalysisFull text
Martinez-Martínez, S.; ...Simultaneous Measurement of Evaporating Fuel Spray Using Laser Induced Exciplex FluorescenceFull text
Mitukiewicz, G.; ...Thermal Deformations of the SW680 Engine Piston Depending on the Applied Combustion Chamber ShapeFull text
Pająk, M.On the Possibility of Fuzzy Logic Implementation in the Area of Machine and Devices ExploitationFull text
Pakowski, Cz.; ...Modelling Influence of Temperature for Assessment of Wear Elements of Frictional JointsFull text
Papliński, K. M.Functional Diagram of Automatic Control System of APC AMV 8X8 "Rosomak" Hitfist 30 TurretFull text
Pawletko, R.The Use of the Expert System in Diagnostic of Marine Diesel EnginesFull text
Pszczółkowski, J.; ...Optimal Parameters of Engine Systems Operating During its Heating After Starting at Low TemperatureFull text
Rychter, M.Present and Future Working of Digital Tachograph SystemFull text
Rychter, M.Diagnostic Signals Based on Emission NOx in Light of OBD II/EOBD SystemFull text
Sendyka, B.; ...The Description of the Total Efficiency of 2SZ-FE Engine with the Variable Valve TimingFull text
Siarkowski, Z.; ...Exploitation Costs in Expert SystemsFull text
Sitnik, L. J.Statistical Verification of Possibility of Creating of the Combustion Engine SetsFull text
Sitnik, L. J.Statistical Analysis of Parameters of Combustion Engines Introduced to Exploitation After Different PeriodsFull text
Smalko, Z.Dependability of Machine System - Usable CharacteristicsFull text
Starosta, R.; ...The Influence of Plastic Working on the Selection Properties of the Nickel – Aluminum Alloy CoatingsFull text
Szpytko, J.; ...Computer-Aided Supervisory System of Transportation Devices’ Exploitation ProcessFull text
Szwaja, S.; ...Exhaust Gas Recirculation Strategy in the Hydrogen SI EngineFull text
Szymczyk, E.; ...Analysis of Residual Stress Fields in the Riveted JointFull text
Szymczyk, E.; ...Numerical Analysis of the Riveted SpecimenFull text
Szymczyk, W.; ...Influence of Chosen Microstructure Features on Residual Stress Distribution in FGM Surface Coating System with the Use of FEM Micromechanical Random ModelsFull text
Targosiński, T.Objective Tests of Headlamps in Exploitation Conditions from Traffc Safety Point of ViewFull text
Tomaszek, H.; ...A Method of Estimating the Risk of a Catastrophic Failure to Engine’s Rotating MembersFull text
Tomita, E.; ...A Method of Estimating the Risk of a Catastrophic Failure to Engine’s Rotating MembersFull text
Topolska, K.; ...Method of Analysis of Measurement Result Cohesion with the Theory of Mathematical Record Using and Concentrations AnalysisFull text
Varin, R. A.; ...The Effects of Microstructural Modification by Mechanical Milling on Hydrogen Desorption From MagnesiumFull text
Walentynowicz, J.The Concepts of Modular Combat VehiclesFull text
Wierzcholwski, K.Hydrodynamic Pressure in Human Hip JointFull text
Wierzcholwski, K.; ...Flow on the Bio-Cell Surfaces As An Element of Microbearing TribologyFull text
Włodarczyk, J.; ...Validation of Numerical Models of Metallic Foams From the Aspect of Energy AbsorptionFull text
Wygodnik, P.Criteria of Aircraft Engine Parameters Evaluation for Multi-Purpose AircraftFull text
Wysocki, T.; ...Operations Review of APC „Rosomak” ChassisFull text
Żółtowski, A.Comparison of Pollutant Emissions Test Cycles for IC EnginesFull text