ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2007 | Contents of Volume 14, Number 3:

Acopyan, V.; ...Harmonical and Modal Analysis to Determine the Anisotropic Properties of Aviation Composite MaterialsFull text
Ambrozik, A.; ...Analysis of Nitrogen Oxides Emission in Self-Ignition Engine Fuelled with Diesel Oil Plant Fuel and their BlendsFull text
Baczewski, K.; ...Investigation Rheological Properties of Rapeseed oil Methylesters and their Blends with Diesel FuelsFull text
Belica, T.; ...Dynamic Stability of a Porous Cylindrical Shell Subjected to Impulse of Forces CombinedFull text
Bieniek, A.; ...Influence of CVT Operating Parameters at SI Engine Operating IndexesFull text
Blažek, J.; ...Experimental Investigation of the Combustion of Vegetable Oils in Diesel Engine at Low Engine LoadsFull text
Bogdanowicz, Z.; ...Selection Parameters Overlaying Welding Laser Steel Powders Chromium and Nichrome With Make Use of The Diode Laser Large PowerFull text
Borecki, D.; ...Ecological Problems of Ignition of the EngineFull text
Borkowski, T.; ...Development of Low Temperature Plasma NOx Control System for Marine Diesel EngineFull text
Borkowski, W.; ...The Research of Influence of Additional Vibration Isolators System on Dynamics Loads of PassengersFull text
Brabec, P.; ...Development of Model for Testing of Driving PropertiesFull text
Brzozowska, L.; ...Analysis of Car Exhaust Pollutants Concentration in Street CanyonsFull text
Budzik, G.; ...Possibilities of Using Vacuum Casting Process for Manufacturing Cast Models of Turbocharger ImpellersFull text
Chachurski, R.Analysis of Aircraft Powerplants Icing Possibility in PolandFull text
Cypko, E.; ...Investigations of Tribological Properties of Regenerating Gluing Cements Composites Destined to Repair Elements of Sliding ContactsFull text
Czarnecki, M.; ...Flight Characteristics of Helicopter Turboshaft Engine with Free TurbineFull text
Flekiewicz, M.; ...Recognition of Fuel Feeding SI Engines With use of Dimensional and Nondimensional Vibration ParametersFull text
Frankowski, J.The Problem of Tracking in Three-Axle Motor VehiclesFull text
Galor, W.The Modelling of Buckling Fenders to Protect the Ship Berthing ProcessFull text
Gieleta, R.; ...Fatigue Strength Investigation of Bonded JointsFull text
Girtler, J.Stochastic Model of the Load Spectrum for Main Engines of Sea-Going ShipsFull text
Grzadziela, A.Dynamic Problems of Propulsion System of Naval VesselsFull text
Gutkowski, A.; ...Flame Quenching by the Wall–Fundamental CharacteristicsFull text
Herdzik, J.The Development of Specialized Ship’s Propulsion Systems with the Aim of Improving their Manoeuvring Ability in the Aspect of Navigation SafetyFull text
Iskra, A.Possibilities of Reduction in Vibrations of Hybrid Drive TrainFull text
Janicka, A.; ...Inert Catalyst in Compersion Ignition Engine - Pahs EmissionFull text
Jankowska Sieminska, B.; ...Analysis and Research of Piston Working Conditions of Combustion Engine in High Thermal Load ConditionsFull text
Jaskólski, J.; ...The Temperature- and Stress Fields of Valves of ic EngineFull text
Kałdoński, T. J.; ...The Lubricity and Sorptive Experimental Comparatively Investigations of Engine OilsFull text
Kamiński, T.; ...Analize of Possibilities of Exploit Data from Digital Tachograf and its Influence on Road SafetyFull text
Karczewski, M.; ...Introductory Investigation of Diesel Engine G9T Supplied Fuel F-34 and BiofuelFull text
Kaźmierczak, A.; ...A Fatigue Testing Method of wet Cylinder Liner of Diesel EnginesFull text
Klepacki, Z.; ...Rational Moulding of Constructional Figure and the Usable Properties of the AirplaneFull text
Koliński, K.; ...Problems With Using the High Sulphur Fuel F-34 in Aspect of Application of Catalytic ConverterFull text
Krasoń, W.; ...Dynamics Analysis of the Main Landing Gear in 3D ModelFull text
Krasowski, P.Pressure in Slide Journal Plane Bearing by Laminar Unsteady oil FlowFull text
Król, A.; ...The Development of the Lubricants Applied in the Porous BearingsFull text
Kruczyński, S.; ...Influence of Spark Ignitrion Engine Warm up Process on Toxic Gases Conversion in Three way CatalystFull text
Labeckas, G.; ...The Effect of Rapeseed Oil Blending With Ethanol on Engine Performance and Exhaust EmissionsFull text
Lewitowicz, J.Problems of Failures of Airplanes and HelicoptersFull text
Leżański, T.; ...Investigation of New Combustion System With Prechamber for Spark Ignition EnginesFull text
Luft, S.Analysis of Combustion Process in a Dual-Fuel Compression Ignition Engine Fuelled with LPG in the Liquid PhaseFull text
Majka, A.; ...Optimum Specialization Fields of Multitask air Transportation System ComponentsFull text
Małachowski, J.Numerical Study of Tires BehaviourFull text
Malewicz, K.; ...High Compression Ratio Engine With Dual Fuel SupplyFull text
Mareš, J.; ...Automotive SI Engine With Injection of the Liquid LPG Into the Inlet ManifoldFull text
Merola, S. S.; ...Effect of Fuel Film Deposition on Combustion Process in PFI SI EngineFull text
Mitianiec, W.; ...Analysis of Thermal Loads in air Cooled SI EngineFull text
Mitianiec, W.; ...Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Ignition Process in CNG Direct Injection SI EnginesFull text
Monieta, J.Functional Model of Injector of Medium-Speedmarine Diesel EngineFull text
Motyl, K.; ...Preliminary Investigations of the HCCI Combustion System in a Single Cylinder Research EngineFull text
Mysłowski, J.Ways to Corrections Expensive Economics Work of Engine of Heavy Loaded TruckFull text
Naber, J. D.; ...Statistical Approach to Characterize Combustion Knock in the Hydrogen Fuelled SI EngineFull text
Niezgoda, T.; ...Numerical Analysis of Road Infrastructure Components on an Example of SP -01, SP -04 and SP –09 BarriersFull text
Niezgoda, T.; ...Numerical Simulation of Thermal Shock of FGMS DisksFull text
Nita, J.; ...Determination of Cylinder Fill With the Use of Hfm-5 Air-Mass MeterFull text
Nowacki, G.; ...An Influence of Infrasound and Infrasound Noise on the Behaviour of Drivers of Mechanical VehicleFull text
Okulewicz, J.; ...Preventive Maintenance with Imperfect Repairs of VehiclesFull text
Orłowski, L.; ...Results of Preliminary Experimental Research and Computer Simulation Concerning Assessment of Injury Risk of Occupants of Military Off-Road Vehicle Impacting an ObstacleFull text
Panas, A. J.; ...Numerical Verification of Icing Hypotheses of the Inlet of Aircraft Turbine Engine TW2-117AFull text
Podsiadła-Bulsa, Z.; ...New Generation Polymers for Car Filter MediumFull text
Rudnicki, J.Energy – Time Method for Assessment of Main Diesel Engine OperationFull text
Rybak, P.Tracked or Wheeled ChassisFull text
Sarnowski, C.; ...Modification of Piston Properties in a Diesel Engine by Introduction of Local Reinforcement of Local Reinforcement with AK12/Al2O3 CompositeFull text
Sato, Y.; ...Development Project of a Hydrogen Fueled Internal Combustion Engine for Heavy Duty Truck – Outline and Preliminary TestFull text
Sendyka, B.; ...Comparative Study of Charging System of Spark Ignition EngineFull text
Sendyka, B.; ...Turbocharging of Naturally Aspirated Spark Ignition Engine Without Modification of a Compression RatioFull text
Sieminska Jankowska, B.; ...Analysis of Thermodynamical Parameters of Combustion Engine Working CycleFull text
Slezak, M.; ...Mathematical Model of Four-Stroke Combustion Engine Working ProcessFull text
Sroka, Z. J.Thermodynamic Cycle of Combustion Engine with Hydrogen FuellingFull text
Szczęch, L.Analise of Possibility of The SB3.1 Diesel Engine ModernisationFull text
Walentynowicz, J.Investigation of the Vapour Cooling System on the Dynamometer StandFull text
Wierzcholski, K.Boundary Conditions on the Bio-Cell Surfaces for Nanolubrication of MicrobearingsFull text