ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2006 | Contents of Volume 13, Number 4:

Dyk, J.; ...Recycling of Cars in Poland - Current ProblemsFull text
Girtler, J.Reliability Model of Two-Shaft Turbine Combustion Engine with Heat RegeneratorFull text
Oligschläger, U.; ...Requirements and Solutions for the Automation of Test Cells and Test Fields in Automotive Testing EnvironmentsFull text
Pająk, M.; ...On the Possibility of Genetic Algorithms Implementation in the Exploitation DomainFull text
Szymczyk, W.Comparative Study of a few FEM Models of a Surface Coating SystemFull text
Rainer, G.Efficient Engine Development by Virtual TestingFull text
Szczepaniak, C.Some Energy Problems of Vehicles; Reality and FictionFull text
Bidzinski, J.Model of a Diesel Engine for Computer Simulations of Transition Processes in an Agricultural Tractor Driving SystemFull text
Balicki, W.The Method of Protection of Turbine Engine "Hot Part ” Assemblies from Thermal DamagesFull text
Borkowski, W.; ...Influence of Tracked Vehicle Suspension Type on Dynamic Loads of Crew and Inside EquipmentFull text
Budzik, G.; ...Reverse Engineering using for Reproduce Geometry of Rotor of TurbochargerFull text
Meier, D.Downsizing – The Specification And New Trend of The Motor Industry on Example of 1.4L 125KW/170HP Engine of the Golf GTFull text
Monieta, J.; ...Structural Model of Injector of Medium-Speed Marine Diesel EngineFull text
Borkowski, W.; ...Optimization of Characteristic of Suspension Elements of Power Pack Unit in Motor VehiclesFull text
Walentynowicz, J.Propulsion Motors for Combat VehiclesFull text
Kolanek, C.; ...The Measuring Verification of Numerical Simulation Airflow in Combustion Engines Inlet TrackFull text
Filipek, P.; ...Development of Measurement System of Ionization in Combustion Chamber of Spark Ignition EngineFull text
Herdzik, J.Possibilities to Make Use of Index Measurement of Diesel Engine Fuel Injector’s Pumps Rack’s AdjustmentFull text
Jaskólski, J.; ...Modeling and Analyze Shaft of Aircraft EngineFull text
Pszczółkowski, J.The Changes of Electrical Starter Power Characteristic During Crankshaft DrivingFull text
Sitnik, L.Statistical Verification of Combustion Engines ParametersFull text
Ambrozik, A.; ...Load Characteristics in AD3.152 UR Engine Fuelled with Mineral and Biogenous BlendsFull text
Gardyński, L.Recent Research on the Wear of Fuel Supply System Elements Lubricated with Bio-FuelsFull text
Cupiał, K.; ...Modelling of an Unrepeatability of Mean Indicated Pressure in Individual Cylinders of Biogas EngineFull text
Gorczakowski, A.; ...An Influence of Rotational Velocity on Heat Losses to Wall During Gas Mixtures Combustion ChamberFull text
Herdzik, J.Trends of Increasing Demand for Electric Energy on ShipsFull text
Janicka, A.; ...The Discursive Attitude of Emission Aspect vs. Air-Fuel Mixture Ignition Delay in Diesel EngineFull text
Kamiński, T.; ...Metrology Proprieties of Optical Fibre Sensor of The Pressure of the Side - Hall TypeFull text
Brzozowska, L.; ...GIS in Modelling of Dispersion of Car Exhaust PollutantsFull text
Kolanek, C.; ...The Researches on Ceramic Soot Filter for Engine with High-Pressure Fuel Injection SystemFull text
Ambrozik, A.; ...Influence of Diesel Engine Fuelling with Mineral and Vegetable Fuels on the Angle of Injection Advance and Characteristics of Heat EmissionFull text
Żmudka, Z.Application of Data Reconciliation Algorithm at Engine ProblemsFull text
Charchalis, A.; ...Conditions of Drive and Diagnostic Measurements During Sea TestsFull text
Kaźmierczak, A.; ...Numeric Calculation Roll up Process of Piston's Ring from Steel TapeFull text
Koszałka, G.; ...Research Engine for Investigation of The Phenomena Accompanying the Ringpack Performance in a Diesel EngineFull text
Król, A.; ...Damage Analyse of the Common Rail System Fuel PumpFull text
Kułażyński, M.; ...The Influence of Methyl Esters Additives on Property of the Biodiesel and Toxicity of Diesel Exhaust GasesFull text
Lus, T.One-Cylinder Marine Research Diesel EngineFull text
Małek, A.; ...Extremum Air Flow Control for PEM Fuel Cell SystemFull text
Mendera, K.; ...On the Influence of Fuel Type on Optimal Location of 50% Mass Fraction BurnedFull text
Miksiewicz, K.Obciążenie i Zużycie Tulei Cylindrowej w Silniku SpalinowymFull text
Szczech, L.Car Load Analise in Aspect of Components Selection of a Hybrid Drive System with Fuel CellFull text
Frączek, K.F.The Optimisation of Design with Using of FEM and Modal AnalysisFull text
Karczewski, M.The Influence of Parameters of Control Function of the Diesel Engine with an Electronic Governor on Emission of Exhaust Gas ComponentsFull text
Rajewski, M.; ...Methodology of Durability Test of Diesel Engine Injection SystemsFull text
Topolska, K.; ...The Modeling of Stability of Mechanical Component Based on Dampster-Shafer TheoryFull text
Topolska, K.; ...The Validation Methods of Durability of Ceramic Coating under Laboratory ConditionsFull text
Witkowski, K.Influence of Running Ship Diesel Engines on Mixtures of Fuel Oil And Rape Oil Metyl Esters, to Diesel Working Process and Exhaust Gas KontentFull text
Włodarczyk, J.; ...Fem Micromechanical Modelling of a Porous Surface Coating SystemFull text
Ossowski, K.New Polish Research Vessel IMORFull text
Szczepanik, R.Complex Approach to Aircraft Systems and Structure Safety and ReliabilityFull text
Drew, J.; ...A novel design of the combustion engine for improvement of the efficiency and durabilityFull text
Prochowski, L.; ...Dynamic Loads of Power Unit During Car ImpactFull text
Kaźmierczak, A.The Wear Results of The Prototype Piston Rings After the Durability TestsFull text
Ambrozik, A.; ...Some problems using of vegetable fuels in diesel enginesFull text
Kegl, B.NOx emission using biodieselFull text
Wiśniowski, W.The 80th Anniversary of Institute of AeronauticsFull text
Kowalewicz, A.Comments to The Paper „Experimental Study of Compression and Combustion Processes in a Very Small Engine” by P. Kalita, M. Rusinowski and J. Jarosiński, Published in Journal of KONES Internal Combustion Engines, 2005, Vol. 12, 1-2Full text
Jarosiński, J.Reply to Comments by Andrzej KowalewiczFull text