ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2006 | Contents of Volume 13, Number 3:

Ambrozik, A.; ...The Comparison of the Working Cycles of Petrol Fuelled and Hydrogen Fuelled Internal Combustion EngineFull text
Ambrozik, A.; ...Influence of Diesel Engine Fuelling with Mineral and Vegetable Fuels on the Injection Process and Fuel Stream DisintegvationFull text
Bidziński, J.Model of a Diesel Engine All-Speed GovernorFull text
Budzik, G.; ...Research of Dynamic Properties of Turbochargers C0-45Full text
Cygnar, M.; ...Analise of Selected Systems CNG Supply of City Buses EngineFull text
Dąbrowski, Z.; ...Masking Mechanical Damages in the Modern Control Systems of Combustion EnginesFull text
Derewońko, A. ; ...3D Numerical Investigation of Tensile Loaded Lap Bonded Joint of Aircraft StructureFull text
Dyk, J.Rattle Vibrations in Models of GearsFull text
Ekert, K.Aldehydes and Hydrocarbons in Exhaust Emissions of Self-Ignition and Spark Ignition EngineFull text
Frączek, K.A Method of Non-Linear Dynamics on Purpose Construction Light Helicopter IS – 2Full text
Girtler, J.Process of Self-Ignition Engine Loads and ITS ProperiesFull text
Janiszewski, A.; ...CFD Modeling of the Regeneration Process in Diesel Particulate Filter Using FluentFull text
Jaskólski, J.; ...Modern Systems of Turbocharging as a Method to Improve on Ecology of a Diesel Engine’s WorkFull text
Kociszewski, A.; ...Computational Analysis and Experimental Research Into Lean Mixture Combustion in Multi-Spark Plug SI EngineFull text
Kolanek, C.; ...The Identification Method of Airflow Character in Combustion EnginesFull text
Kołodziej, H.; ...Properties of Biofuels with Ethyl Components to Diesel EnginesFull text
Koszałka, G.; ...Model of Compression Ring Twist in the Piston Groove of a Diesel EngineFull text
Kruczyński, S.; ...Comparative Analysis of Nitric Oxide-Traps Reactors Properties with Magnesium Oxide and Bar AluminatesFull text
Kruczyński, S.; ...Analysis of Three-Way Catalytic Converter Monitoring Methods Using Selected Amplitude DiscriminantsFull text
Księżopolska, M.; ...Removal of Nitrogen Oxides Over Catalyst by Changing Exhaust Gases CompositionFull text
Małachowski, J.; ...Computational Study of Transport Aircrafts Landing Gear During TouchdownFull text
Mazuro, P.; ...Piston Engines with Cylinder Axis Parallel to Drive Shaft Axis – Classification and ReviewFull text
Mirkowski, J.; ...Electronic Transducer of Vehicle VelocityFull text
Mitaniec, W.Optimization of the Rich Mixture Injection System in Two-Stroke EnginesFull text
Muślewski, Ł.; ...Fuzzy Interpretation of Systems Operation EvaluationFull text
Nagórski, Z.Temperature Gradients in the Exhaust Valves During “Cold” Start Simulation of Combustion EngineFull text
Niezgoda, T.; ...Dynamic Study of Aircraft Gear Behaviour in Some Unusual ConditionsFull text
Olszewski, W.; ...Influence of Work Period of the ZS Oil on Lubricating Layer Resistance in Condition of Boundary FrictionFull text
Pająk, M.; ...Estimation of Operational Potential Consumption on Base of Exploitation Parameters ValuesFull text
Piętak, A.; ...The Study of Exploitation Properties of Municipal Transport Services Powered by Fuels Containing EthylbiocomponentsFull text
Podsiadła-Bulsa, Z.Achievements in the Development of the Filter Media for Car Cabins Air CleaningFull text
Poleszak, J.Preliminary Research of the Adaptive Control of the Injection Timing in the Diesel EngineFull text
Postrzednik, S.Basic Procedures of Independent Internal Combustion Engine Valves SteerageFull text
Prochowski, L.; ...Model of Air Pressure Control System for Truck Equipped with EBSFull text
Przybyła, G.; ...Purposefulness of Using Real Gas Model in Analysis of Internal Combustoin Engine Cycle ParametersFull text
Pszczółkowski, J.; ...Parameters of Engine Crankshaft Motion Equation Driven by StarterFull text
Radkowski, S.Pattern Recognition as the of Failure Development Diagnosing of Vehicle Power Unit SystemFull text
Reński, A.; ...Investigation of Dynamic Properties of a Motor Car in ITS Curvilinear MotionFull text
Sitnik, L.Real & Model External Characteristics of Combustion EngineFull text
Staniszewska, M.; ...The Source of Environment Danger of Polish Maritime Zone Caused by the Marine TransportFull text
Szewczyk, S.A Study into Heat Resistance of Valve SteelsFull text
Szymczyk, E.; ...Numerical Simulation of Tensile Loaded Lap Riveted JointFull text
Topolska, K.; ...The Durability of Ceramic Coatings Under Combustion Engine ConditionsFull text
Walentynowicz, J.Future of Hybrid Propultion System for Combat VehiclesFull text
Walkowiak, W.; ...The Effectiveness of Starting Heater Plug with Active Ceramic CoatingFull text
Wierzcholski, K.Experimental Measurements of Friction Forces on the Tissue in Prababilistic ViewFull text
Zawadzki, A.; ...Researches of Model Plazma Reactor for Purify Diesel Exhaust Gas of ParticulatesFull text
Zbierski, K.Conception and Initial Researches of Electrohydraulic Valve Timing for Internal Combustion EngineFull text
Zbierski, K.; ...Calculation and Veryfication of Forces Driving Outlet Valves in Magnetoelectrical Valve Timing of Combustion EngineFull text
Żółtowski, A.Indicating of an Engine Fuelled with CNGFull text