ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2006 | Contents of Volume 13, Number 1:

Fülep, T.; ...Design of Redundant Brake-by-Wire Architecture for Commercial VehiclesFull text
Hlavna, V.; ...Environmental Impact of the AutomobilesFull text
Kotlyarenko, V.Some Aspects to be Considered Designing Environmental Friendly All-Terrain VehiclesFull text
Kotlyarenko, V.; ...Concerning Evaluation of Stability of Motor Vehicles Carrying Dangerous GoodsFull text
Mitunevičius, V.; ...Research of the Car Braking ProcessFull text
Barszcz, Z.; ...Behaviour of Buses Structure in Relation to Requirements of no. 66 UN-ECE RegulationFull text
Bieniek, A.; ...Parameters Analysis of Friction Coupling Between Belt and Wheel in Continuously Variable TransmissionFull text
Bocheński, C. I.; ...Comparison of Combustion Process for Diesel Fuel and Rape Seed Oil Methyl Esters in the Constant Volume ChamberFull text
Bonarowski, J.; ...Computer Aided Test Stand of Hybrid Electromechanical Drive of The Hydraulic Excavator Operating in Six-Phase CycleFull text
Borkowski, W.; ...Modeling of the Bus Superstructure in Order to Confirm Requirements of 66 ECE RegulationFull text
Borkowski, W.; ...A Combat Vehicle in Stabilizing OperationsFull text
Brzozowski, K.; ...Estimating Vehicles Pollutant Emission Characteristics Using DatabasesFull text
Chłopek, Z.Estimation Of Fuel Consumption By City BusesFull text
Chłopek, Z.; ...Examination of Pollutant Emissions from a Car with Hybrid PowertrainFull text
Chłopek, Z.; ...Estimation of Pollutants Abatement by Applying Fuel Catalytic AdditivesFull text
Chłopek, Z.; ...Influence of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters’ Additive to Diesel Engine on EcologyFull text
Gumuła, S.; ...Conceptual Design of Vehicles’ Protection Against the Impacts of Collisions Using the Energy Transfer MethodFull text
Jackowski, J.; ...Analysis of Estimation Possibility of Tyre’s Longitudinal Slip Stiffness on The Basis of Quasi-Static Laboratory InvestigationsFull text
Kneba, Z.Bond Graph Modeling of the New Generation Engine Cooling SystemsFull text
Kobryń, J.; ...Use of Theory of Similarity in Dependence Analisys of Air-Fuel Ratio Mean Themperature and Boundary Conditions in Diesel Turbo EngineFull text
Kuszewski, H.; ...Selected Methods of Toxicity Exhaust Gas Reduction from Diesel Engine in Aspect of Emission StandardsFull text
Lozia, Z.; ...Experimental Verification of Three-Axle Vehicle Simulation ModelFull text
Luft, S.Dual-Fuel Compression Ignition Engine Fuelled with LPG Injection at Liquid StateFull text
Malewicz, K.; ...Modelling of the Spark-Ignition Engine Operational PerformanceFull text
Mamala, J.; ...Estimation of Novel Design Electrode Mass Ignitionplug Influence on SI Engine PerformanceFull text
Pawelski, Z.Researches of Hydrokinetic Torque Converter Zm130 in Fixed StatesFull text
Piernikarski, D.Optical Knock Combustion Detection in SI EngineFull text
Postrzednik, S.; ...Chosen Criteria of Independent IC Engine Valves Steerage ProceduresFull text
Przybyła, G.; ...Algorithm of Heat Distribution Determination on the Basis of Engine IndicatingFull text
Romaniszyn, K.The Courses of the Characteristics of Spark Ignition Engines for Fuelling with Petrol and LPG Gas in the Dynamic Conditions of MotionFull text
Różycki, A.Analysis of Head Vibration in the Dual-Fuel Diesel EngineFull text
Simiński, P.Experimental Test about Maneuverability of Fouraxle Vehicle for Rigid and Flexible Road SurfaceFull text
Skrzyniowski, A.; ...Searching for New Alternative Refrigerant for Automobile Air – ConditioningFull text
Stańczyk, T. L.; ...Computer Simulation Testing of a Double Traffic Lane-Change ManoeuvreFull text
Szczepaniak, C.; ...The Investigations of Stability of Vehicle Equipped With ESPFull text
Wnukowicz, E.; ...Comparison of Road and Stand Test Results of Braking Pads Carried According to No. 90 ECE RegulationFull text
Żmudka, Z.; ...Catalytic Converter as an Element of Flow Resistance in Engine Exhaust SystemFull text