ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2008 | Contents of Volume 15, Number 2:

Bąk, J.; ...Dangerous Drivers’ Behavior in Road Traffic - Reasons, Reasults, PreventionFull text
Bakar, R.; ...The Performance and Emissions Characteristics of a Compressed Natural Gas Spark Ignition EngineFull text
Borkowski, T.The Total Nox Emission Control Possibility in Modern Large Bore, Slow Speed Marine EnginesFull text
Budzik, G.; ...Analysis of Surface Roughness of Transmission Gear Teeth Made by Different Rapid Prototyping MethodsFull text
Cygnar, M.; ...Analysis of Technological Process of Installation TurbochargersFull text
Czekaj, E.; ...Complex Criterion of Dimensional Stability Discussed on the Example of Piston SiluminsFull text
Dąbrowska-Loranc, M.; ...Children Safety in Road Transport European Project EuchiresFull text
Filipek, P.; ...The Characteristic of Ionization Signal in Cylinder of Combustion Engine The SIFull text
Galor, W.; ...The Using of Radar by Sea-River Ships in Inland Navigation on Lower Part of Odra RiverFull text
Gardulski, J.Testing Methods for Vehicle Shock AbsorbersFull text
Girtler, J.Conception of Valuaton of Combustion Engine OperationFull text
Gorczakowski, A.; ...Lean-Burn Combustion Systems in Spark Ignitron Engines: Advantages And LimitationsFull text
Górski, Z.; ...Proposal of Propulsion for Liquefied Natural Gas Tanker (Lng Carrier) Supplying Lng Terminal In PolandFull text
Grab-Rogaliński, K.; ...Hydrogen-Diesel Co-Combustion Anomalies in a Ci EngineFull text
Gutkowski, A.Numerical Simulations of Lean Propane-Air Flames Propagating in Circular Tubes Under Quenching ConditionsFull text
Iskra, A.; ...The Effect of Engine Run Irregularity Level on Oil Film Over Cylinder Liner SurfaceFull text
Janicka, A.; ...The Effect of Pt Active Coating Application Inside Diesel Engine on Polycyclic Aromatic HydrocarbonsFull text
Jankowska, D. M.Integrated System for Safe Transportation of Children to School - With the Use of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)Full text
Kamińska, E.; ...The Chosen Aspects of End of Life Vehicles RecyclingFull text
Kamiński, T.Estimation of the Air-Fuel Mixture Ratio, Based on the Signal From the Optical Fibre Interference Sensor, Using Artificial Neuron NetworkFull text
Kaźmierczak, A.; ...Project of Hybrid Motor System In ScooterFull text
Kaźmierczak, P.; ...Dirt Deposits’ Influence on Luminous Flux Distribution of Passing LightsFull text
Klepacki, Z.; ...Optimal Cruise Performance of Light Transport Aircraft from Fuel Efficiency Point of ViewFull text
Z. KnebaFluid Cooling Systems Construction for Different Combustion EnginesFull text
I. KomorskaThe Diagnostic Model Proposition of the Engine Vibration SignalFull text
Kończewicz, W.; ...The Resistance Investigation of the Marine Engine Exchaust Valve Using the Modelling ChamberFull text
Koszałka, G.; ...A Method of Automotive Engine Life Forecasting on the Basis of Laboratory Start-Ups TestFull text
Kowalewicz, A.HCCI Engine - Idea and Expectations, Case StudyFull text
Kowalski, J.The Nox Emission Estimation by the Artificial Neural Network: the AnalyzeFull text
Kozłowski, M.; ...Researches on Power Transmission Systems of Traction Vehicles With a Hybrid DriveFull text
Kropiwnicki, J.Estimation of Energy Effectiveness of Vehicle Using Cruise Operating DataFull text
Kruczyński, S.; ...Catalytic Properties Analysis of Platinum Catalytic Converters in Self Ignition Engine Exhaust GasesFull text
Krzymień, A.; ...Hints for Determination of the Reasons of Ic Engine Crank Mechanism Bearings DamageFull text
J. LubasThe Application of Crn and Tin Coatings in Slide Bearing Kinematic Coupling Pin Surface Layer Modification ProcessesFull text
Maciąg, A.; ...Dynamics of Oil Oxidation in Bi-Fuel Engine (Petrol + Lpg) on the Grounds of Ir SpectrumFull text
Maj, M.; ...Conformity Inspections of the Installation Method of the System Adapting a Given Vehicle Type to Run on LpgFull text
Majka, A.; ...Accessibility And Suitability of The European Airports and AirfieldsFull text
Małachowski, J.; ...Security Improvement for Oil and Gas Pipeline InfrastructureFull text
Marczuk, A.Computer System for Managing The Sugar Beet Transport to Sugar FactoryFull text
Markowski, T.; ...Material Density Consideration on The Possibility Of Engine Parts Imaging With Computed TomographyFull text
Mitianiec, W.; ...Formation of Fuel Mixture in a Si Two-Stroke Engine With Direct Fuel InjectionFull text
Molenda, J.; ...Preliminary Estimation of Some Lapping Parameters Influence on Temperature Rise of the Single Disc Lapping Machine Executory System ComponentsFull text
Napadłek, W.Laser Hardening of Cast Iron Ways of Valves Applied in Combustion EnginesFull text
Olejnik, K.The Retrofitting of Trucks Already Being in Use in Poland in A Range of The Indirect VisibilityFull text
Pająk, M.Fuzzy Model of Decision Making ProcessFull text
Piaseczny, L.A New Procedure of the Seating of Combustion Engine at the Marine Power PlantFull text
Pietrzak, K.; ...Selected Microstructural Features Affecting the Shear Strength of Lead-Free Solders/Substrate CouplesFull text
Podsiadła-Bulsa, Z.; ...Synthetic Filtrating Fibrous for Cleaning Engines OilFull text
Poleszak, J.Results of the Research on the Adaptive Control of the Injection Timing in the Diesel EngineFull text
Puchalski, A.Mechatronic Design of Automotive EE SystemsFull text
Rudnik, D.; ...Material Investigations of Composites and Their Selected Applications in Motor TransportFull text
Rybak, P.; ...Model Investigations of Traction Proprieties of The High-Speed Tracklaying VehicleFull text
Rychter, M.; ...Simulation of Misfire in Vehicles With Si EngineFull text
Semin; ...The Simulation of Performance Characteristics of Port Injection Dedicated Compressed Natural Gas Spark Ignition EngineFull text
Sendyka, B.; ...Charging System of Spark Ignition Engine With Two TurbochargersFull text
Serdecki, W.; ...Assessment of Possibilities of Testing the High Power Engine Piston Ring-Cylinder Liner CollaborationFull text
Sikora, J.; ...Fatigue Resistance Investigation of the IC Engine MB11 Bearings, Working Under Conditions of Dynamic Unidirectional LoadingsFull text
Sobolak, M.; ...Visualization of Internal Stress Pattern in Gears in Power Transmission Systems Using Rapid Prototyping (Rp)Full text
Sroka, Z. J.; ...Thermal Loads of Engines For Different Properties of Commercial FuelsFull text
Stoeck, T.Minimalisation of Unfavourable Aspects of the Operation of Turbulence Combustion Chamber Engine Fed with Plant Fuel by Changing its Control ParametersFull text
Stypułkowski, K.; ...Light Beam Control System of Tram’s Head LightsFull text
Szwaja, S.; ...Impact of Leaning Hydrogen-Air Mixtures on Engine Combustion KnockFull text
Szymczyk, E.; ...Riveting Process Simulation - Upsetting of the Mushroom RivetFull text
Targosiński, T.Lights During Daytime In PolandFull text
Tokarczyk, E.Actions Towards Reducing of Alcohol Intoxication Occurrences Among Polish DriversFull text
Tomita, E.; ...Effect of Gas Flow on Combustion and Exhaust Emissions in a Dual Fuel Natural Gas EngineFull text
Wacowska-Ślęzak, J.; ...Driving School Students’ Training with the Use of Module Close to - as a Method Contributing to Change in Young Drivers’ Attitude and Reducing the Number of Road Accident with Their Participation in EuropeFull text
Waśkiewicz, J.; ...Character and Conditions Affecting the Changes of the Passenger Cars’ Fleet Structure in PolandFull text
Wygodnik, P.Thermodynamics and Mass Selection Criterions of Low Bypass Turbine Engine Parameters for Multi-Purpose AircraftFull text
Yeliana; ...Property Determination for Ethanol-Gasoline Blends With Application to Mass Fraction Burn Analysis in a Spark Ignition EngineFull text
Zawadzki, A.; ...Researches of Selected Version Axially Symmetrical Model Plasma Reactor to Cleaning Diesel Exhaust Gas of ParticulatesFull text
Ziegler, B.; ...Friction Forces Measurements for Slide Bearing Test Stand in Maritime University Gdynia Using The AcousticFull text
Żółtowski, B.The Investigations of Fume Emissions of EnginesFull text