ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2008 | Contents of Volume 15, Number 1:

Astanin, V. V.; ...Analysis of Stress-Strain State of Plates under Impact LoadingFull text
Astanin, V. V.; ...Experimental Complex for Material Impact Strength ResearchesFull text
Chróścielewski, J.; ...Arch Bridges under Test LoadingsFull text
Derewońko, A.; ...Numerical Analysis of the Metal-Composite JointsFull text
Frączek, J.; ...Simulational Study of a Hydraulicly Driven Parallel Manipulator Control SystemFull text
Gałkiewicz, J.Application of Cohesive Model in Fracture Mechanics by WARP3DFull text
Gardulski, J.Assessing the Reliability of Testing Methods Used for Fluid Telescopic Shock Absorbers in CarsFull text
Godzimirski, J.; ...The Use of FEM to Assessment Experimental ResearchFull text
Jachimowicz, J.; ...Some selected examples of FEM modeling of structure-affecting material and manufacturing faultsFull text
Jachimowicz, J.; ...Selected Problems Concerning the Analysis of Thin-Walled Structures with the Use of Finite Element MethodFull text
Jankowski, A.Laser Research of Fuel Atomization and Combustion Processes in the Aspect of Exhaust Gases EmissionFull text
Kłosowski, P.; ...Isotropic Damage in Viscoplastic Flow Conditions, FEM Applications with Practical ExamplesFull text
Kosiuczenko, K.; ...Numerical Simulations of Mechanical Peening of Titanium AlloyFull text
Łazowski, J.; ...Some Selected FEM Analyses of Motion of a Bullet with the BarrelFull text
Martowicz, A.; ...Application of Uncertainty Analysis in Structural DynamicsFull text
Niezgoda, T.; ...Numerical Analysis of Progressive Failure of Composite Energy Absorbing StructuresFull text
Ochelski, S.; ...Experimental Support for Numerical Simulations of Energy Absorbing StructuresFull text
Rybak, P.; ...Testing of Protective Covers for Special VehiclesFull text
Wittbrodt, E.; ...Application of the Finite Element Methods in Long-Term SimulationFull text
Zglińska, M.; ...Dynamical Analysis of the Deformable Power Transmission Mechanism Using Mixed FEM and MBS MethodFull text