ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2004 | Contents of Volume 11, Number 3-4:

Labeckas, G.; ...The Influence of Fuel Additive on Direct-Injection Diesel Engine Fuel Consumption and Exhaust EmissionsFull text
Lejda, K.Mathematical Modelling of the Injection Process Run in Common Rail System by "Moving Volumetric Element" MethodFull text
Leyko, J.Pattern Graf of the Flow from Intel Channel Dependent by Situation to Valve LiftsFull text
Luft, S.Dual-Fuel Compression Ignition Engine - Selected Problems of Combustion ProcessFull text
Lus, T.Project of One-Cylinder Ship Diesel Engine Research StandFull text
Mendera, K.Z.Thermodynamic Analysis of Spark Ignition Engine Pressure DataFull text
Miklanek L.Influence of the Angle Encoder Clutch on Course of ROHRFull text
Mirkowski, J.; ...The Metrological Properties of a BallFlowmeter Liquid FuelsFull text
Monieta, J.Application a Emission Components of Exhaust Gases to Estimation Technical State of The Marine Diesel Engine InjectorsFull text
Motyl, K.; ...Preliminary Investigations of the HCCI Combustion System in a Rapid Compression MachineFull text
Nagórski, Z.; ...A Simulational Study of the Influence of Combustion Kinetics on the Regeneration Process of Diesel Particulate FilterFull text
Piętak, A.; ...The Estimating of Cylinder Tightness on the Basis of Crankshaft Momentary Rotational Speed MeasurementFull text
Pikunas, A.; ...The Influence of Methanol on Ecological and Energetic Parameters of SI EnginesFull text
Podsiadła-Bulsa, Z.Computer Simulation of the Disordered Filter StructuresFull text
Pogorevc P.; ...Intake and Exhaust Influence on Engine PerformanceFull text
Postrzednik, S.; ...Improving of IC Engine Efficiency Through Dropping of the Charge Exchange WorkFull text
Przybyła, G.; ...Analisis of Factors Improving Energy Conversion in Internal Combustion EnginesFull text
Pszczółkowski, J.The Requisite Value of the Diesel Engine Starting Rotational SpeedFull text
Pszczółkowski, J.; ...Diesel Engine Starting Properties and its Starting AreasFull text
Rawski, F.Investigation of an Engine with Starification of Gasoline BlendFull text
Serdecki, W.Methods of Friction Losses Modeling for Elastic Oil FilmFull text
Siemińska-Jankowska, B.Investigations of Novel Piston Materials with Controlled Thermal Expansion and HystresisFull text
Sowa, K.; ...Engine and Laser Researches of a Novel Injector with Varied Cross Section Nozzle for Performance InprovementFull text
Stelmasiak, Z.Combustion with Low NOx and Smokeless in a Dual Fuel Diesel Engine Fuelled with Natural Gas as the Main FuelFull text
Stelmasiak, Z.; ...Some Aspects of Control Charge Quality in a Dual Fuel Diesel Engine Fuelled with CNG and Diesel OilFull text
Strzelecki, S.; ...Dynamically Loaded Cylindrical Journal Bearing with RecessFull text
Sutkowski, M.; ...Methane Direct Injection System for Spark Ignition Engines - A Numerical StudyFull text
Szczepanik, C.Space Vehicles Propulsion some Concept in Reality and FictionFull text
Ślęzak, M.Maintenance Efficiency of On Board Diagnostics System (OBD) with Reference to Chassis Dynamometer and Road ResearchesFull text
Ślęzak, M.Methodology of Operation Verification On Board Diagnostics Systems (OBD) in Polish ConditionsFull text
Tomita, E.; ...Real Time HC Concentration Measutrement in Exhaust Gas from a Spark-Ignition Engine by Using 3.392 μm Absorption MethodFull text
Trawczyński, J.; ...Effect of Ceria and Zirconia on the Activity of Pd Only Three Way CatalystFull text
Volmajer, M.; ...Cavitation Phenomena in the Injection Nozzle: Theoretical and Numerical AnalysisFull text
Wajand, J.A.; ...Two Cylinder, Two Stroke Spark Ignition Engine with Scavenging Through Valve Settled in Piston HeadFull text
Watanabe, T.; ...Experimental Study on the Urea SCR System for Medium Duty TruckFull text
Wawro, A.; ...The Mathematical Modelling of Liquid's Fuel Dose for Slowrotation Diesel EnginesFull text
Wolański, P.; ...Influence of Transport Means Modernisation on Emission and Concentration of Carbon Dioxide in the AtmosphereFull text
Woropay, M.; ...Quality as a System on Example of Transport SystemFull text
Wyszynski, M.L.; ...Faciltation of HCCI Combustion of Biogas at Moderate Compression Ratios by Application of Fuel Reforming and Inlet Air HeatingFull text
Zbierski, K.Theoretical Basis of Electromagnetic Valve Timing of Combustion EngineFull text
Żmudka, Z.; ...Comprehensive Approach to the Work of Catalysts in Engine Exhaust SystemsFull text
Żółtowski, A.Emission Reduction Possibility In Engines Fuelled with Natural GasFull text
Bossel, U.Does a Hydrogen Economy Make Sense?Full text
Jankowski, A.Extensive View of Automotive Engineering Development on the Background of Fisita Congress and Polish ParticipationFull text
Pągowski, Z.T.Strategic Directions of Adapting of BiofuelsFull text