ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2004 | Contents of Volume 11, Number 1-2:

Ambrozik, A.; ...The Influence of Feeding the Ad3.152 Engine with Various Fuels on the Work Cycle Parameters and IndicatorsFull text
Bartłomiejczyk, G.CNG Equipment for VehiclesFull text
Barton, G.Some Aspects of Production and Exploitation of Magnesium Components with Regard to Enhanced Magnesium Metal ReactivityFull text
Battoei-Avarzaman, M.; ...Completeness of Combustion and Cyclic Effectiveness in Spark-Ignition EnginesFull text
Bereza, M.; ...Numerical Study of the Performances of a Natural Gas SI Engine with Exhaust Gas-Steam Fuel ReformerFull text
Bialkowski, M.T.; ...Effect of Fuel Temperature and Ambient Pressure on a Common Rail Rapeseed Oil SprayFull text
Bochenski, C.I.; ...Research on Gas Oil and Rape Oil Methyl Esters Sprayed in Constant Volume ChalviberFull text
Borkowski, T.; ...Diesel Fuel Property Effects on Marine Medium-Speed Engine Exhaust EmissionFull text
Bossel, U.; ...The Future of the Hydrogen Economy: Bright or Bleak?Full text
Divis, M.; ...Numerical Simulations of Diesel Fuel SpraysFull text
Druet, K.; ...A Tribological Research on a Reciprocating Sliding Contact of Aluminum-Ferrous Composite Against Cast-IronFull text
Dziubinski, M.Investigations of Ignition Systems ReliabilityFull text
Ekert, K.Analysis of Particulate Matter Emission Changes With Raps Fuel Powered of Diesel EngineFull text
Furutani, M.Ionization of In-Cylinder Charge During Preflame Period in Compression Ignition of MixturesFull text
Gardyński, L.The Concepts Behind the Testing Facility for Fuel Supply System PartsFull text
Gawarkiewicz, R.Dry Bearing Sliding Layer Transverse Flexibility Effects on Real Sliding Distance for Reciprocating Microoscillatory Movement of Flat Contact SurfaceFull text
Girtler, J.Stochastic Model of the Process of Diesel Engine OperationFull text
Glinka, W.; ...Study of Flow Characteristics and Mean Diameter of Droplets Inside Spray Cone of Swirl InjectorFull text
Gnanam, G.; ...Effects of Internal Fuel Reforming and Initial Temperature on HCCI Combustion of Lean Ethanol/Air Mixtures-A Computational StudyFull text
Gruca, M.Software for Acquisition of Internal Combustion Engine DataFull text
Gut, Z.; ...Electrical Capacitance Tomography Electrical Aspects of CombustionFull text
Hlavna, V.; ...Non-Conventional Energetic System for ShipsFull text
Hribernik, A.; ...Effect of Exhaust Gas Recirculationon Diesel CombustionFull text
Iskra, A.Problems with Determination of Friction Torque Fluctuations at the Combustion Engine Work CycleFull text
Istenik, R.; ...A Measurement System for an Energetic Circuit with a Non-Conventional Combustion EngineFull text
Jamrozik, A.; ...Lean Mixtures Combustion in SI Gas Engine with PrechamberFull text
Jantos, J.; ...Neural Modelling of the Vehicle PowertrainFull text
Jaroszczyk, T.; ...Recent Advances in Engine Air Cleaners Design and EvaluationFull text
Jaroszczyk, A.; ...The Idea of Quasi-Fluidal Engine with External Catalytic Combustion ChamberFull text
Jaskólski, J.; ...Rapid Prototyping Using in Models Building of Engine ElementsFull text
Jaskólski, J.; ...New Materials and Ideas to be Used in Adiabatic EnginesFull text
Jaskólski, J.; ...Possibilities of Using Variable Geometry Turbocharger with Diesel Engine Andoria 4CT107Full text
Kalina, P.; ...Experimental Study of Combustion Process in a High Aspect Ratio EngineFull text
Kawakami, T.; ...Combustion Characteristics of Lean Propane-Air Mixture by Using High Ignition EnergyFull text
Kaźmierczak, A.; ...The Analisis of the Durability Tests of Prototype Piston Rings of the Otto EnginesFull text
Kindracki, A.The Influence of Hydrogen Addition to Methane Fuel on Pollutant Emission and Combustion Performance in a Single Cycle IC EngineFull text
Kłopocki, J.; ...Fatigue Test Bearings with Geometrically Modyfied Sliding SurfaceFull text
Kobiałka, S.; ...The Construction of Quasi-Fluidal Engine with External Catalytic Combustion Chamber Research StandFull text
Kociszewski, A.; ...Opportunity of Gas Lean Mixtures Combustion in SI EngineFull text
Kowalewicz, A.Emission Characteristics of Compression Ignition Engine Fuelled with RME/DF And EthanolFull text
Kowalewicz, A.; ...New Alternative Fuels for I.C. Engines - A ReviewFull text
Kowalski, J.Alternative Method of Nitric Oxide Emission Estimation From Two Stroke Sidp EnginesFull text
Kozaczewski, W.Trends of Development of Pistons of Traction EnginesFull text
Kraszewska, H.Some Problems of Ethanol Using as Alternative Fuels for Spark Ignition Engines from Point of View Economy, Ecology And Other Engine PerformanceFull text
Krzymień, A.; ...Properties of the Bearing Alloys Used for Slide Bearings of Crank MechanismFull text
Kumar, P.M.; ...Effect of Composite Material in Performance and Emission Characteristics Of S.I EngineFull text