ISSN: 1231-4005

e-ISSN: 2354-0133

2005 | Contents of Volume 12, Number 3-4:

Ambrozik, A.; ...Thermodynamics of Piston Combustion Engine Work CycleFull text
Ambrozik, A.; ...Comparison of Process of Stream Creation and Diesel Oil and Rape Oil Esters Combustion in the Research Combustion Chamber at Single- And Diphase Fuel InjectionFull text
Bossel, U.Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for TransportationFull text
Bossel, U.Thermodynamic Analysis of Compressed Air Vehicle PropulsionFull text
Chłopek, Z.; ...Emission of Pollution from Engine Powered by the Fuel with Additive of Methyl Ester of Rape Oil in Dynamic TestsFull text
Ekert, K.Analysis of Hydrocarbon–Oil or Raps–Oil Fueled Diesel Engine Exhaust Emissions of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and AldehydesFull text
Gardyński, L.Effect of Exploatation Conditions on Tensile Strength of Toothed Belts Used to Drive Timing Gear SystemFull text
Janicka, A.; ...Removal of PAH Emission from Compresion Ignition Engine Exhaust Gas by Catalytic ProcessFull text
Janicka, A.; ...Marking the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Exhaust Gases of the Self Ignition EngineFull text
Jankowski, A.; ...Research of the Resistance Against Thermal Shocks of Chosen Elements of Combustion EnginesFull text
Jankowski, A.; ...New Systems of the Transformation of the Energy in Motor Uses with The Application of Fuel CellsFull text
Jaskólski, J.; ...The Selection of Optimal Control System of a Turbocharger with a Changeable Geometry of a Turbine Guide ApparatusFull text
Juda, Z.Application of Buffer Secondary Energy Source with Suprcapacitors to Electric Propulsion of VehiclesFull text
Kaźmierczak, A.Durability Tests of Prototype Piston Rings and the Analisis of the Wear ResultsFull text
Kolanek, C.; ...Investigations of Efficiency of Action Modular Carbon Black FilterFull text
Kozaczewski, W.Influence Valve Timing and Lift on NOx Emission by Spark Ignition EngineFull text
Kozaczewski, W.Application of Amplitude Discriminants in Diagnosis of Three-Way Catalytic ConverterFull text
Lejda, K.Fuel Cells as Alternative for Power Transmission of Automotive VehiclesFull text
Nita, J.; ...Analysis of Air-Fuel Mixture Composition in One Cylinder EngineFull text
Reksa, M.Functional Agrimotor Testing Supplied by the Vegetable Origin FuelsFull text
Reszka, K.; ...Deposition of Thin-Film Hybrid Systems on Fecralsteel Substrate and Testing Their Catalytic PropertiesFull text
Sendyka, B.; ...Analysis of Combustion Process of a Charge of Natural Gas in Laboratory Combustion ChamberFull text
Serdecki, W.; ...Evaluation of Friction Losses Accompanying the Piston Ring Operation at Ruptured Oil FilmFull text
Shudo, T.Ignition Control in the HCCI Combustion Engine System Fuelled with Methanol-Reformed GasesFull text
Sikora, J.; ...Effects of Loading Pattern and Lubricant Pressure Influence on Bearing Alloy Fatigue CharacteristicsFull text
Sitnik, L.J.Employment of OBD System for Appointment of Engines Dynamic CharacteristicsFull text
Sitnik, L.J.Strategy of Ecofuels AccustomingFull text
Smoczyński, M.; ...Analysis of Effect of Piston - Piston Ring - Cylinder Liner Assembly Deformations on the Compression Ring Angular Position in Relation to the Cylinder LinerFull text
Snopkiewicz, K.; ...An Approach to Active Damping of Diesel Engine Exhaust Gas Pressure Pulsations by Means of Controlled Injection of An Air StreamFull text
Sowa, K.The Introduction to Research of the Supply of Diesel Engines with the Emulsion Fuel -WaterFull text
Struś, M.The Efficiency of Use of Biodiesel and Biocomponents for Internal Combustion EnginesFull text
Tkaczyk, M.; ...Comparison of Numeric Applied Methods in Commercial Computational Programmes on Example of Flow of Air in Inlet Track of Combustion’s EngineFull text
Topolska, K.; ...The Dempster-Shafer Model of Mechanical Object Durability in Laboratory ConditionsFull text
Topolska, K.The Concept of Hasten Research of Ceramic Coatings Durability on the Combustion Engine ElementsFull text
Topolski, M.The Part of Fuzzy Systems Assisting the Decision in Diagnostics of Fuel Engine Subassemblies DefectsFull text
Topolski, M.The Fuzzy-Probabilistic Sequent System for Controlling the Spark Ignition in Fuel EngineFull text
Tutaj, J.New Concept of the Automotive Onboardgenerator/Starter-Motor SystemFull text
Urban, J.Study of the Car Fifth TDI-PCR-2l Diesel Engine with Selective Catalytic Reduction Medial LoadFull text
Wierzcholski, K.Intelligent Artificial Joint and Regeneration Problems in Articular JointsFull text
Wierzcholski, K.Biotribology of Bioreactors in Electrorheology AspectsFull text
Wlodarczyk, M.T.Glow Plug Integrated Cylinder Pressure Sensor for Closed Loop Engine ControlFull text
Wojtyniak, M.Development of Laboratory Tests for Diesel Fuel Lubricity EvaluationFull text
Wolszczak, J.; ...Sedimentation Susceptibility of Petroleum Diesel Fuels Blended with Biodiesel ComponentsFull text
Wolszczak, J.; ...The Impact of Bioesters on Lubricity of Diesel FuelsFull text
Wyszynski, M.L.; ...HCCI with Selected Standard and Alternative Fuels: Challenges and SolutionsFull text
Zbierski, K.Initial Researches of Experimental Combustion Engine with Electromagnetic Valve TimingFull text